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What does the process entail?


 After you place your order you will be contacted to arrange for an in person Session or Skype session

An in person session for Quantum Healing.  During this session you will be guided into a deep level of hypnosis known as the Sichort State. Once you are in this state, you will be taken in an even deeper level where Quantum Healing is possible. While in this state your Super Conscious mind has the ability to instantly and spontaneously heal any injury, illness, or ailment, no matter what it is.

A third option is also available which includes direct psychic/remote healing, using psychic/remote healing during the Skype session I use psychic healing to initiate Quantum healing. Clients are very responsive to this as well. This works incredibly well for people who are not comfortable with hypnosis for do not have the time for a longer session online. Psychic healing sessions usually take about 10-30 minutes. 


What Is capable of being cured?

In my experience there is no injury, illness or condition that cannot be healed using this process. Of course for

legal reasons I must note that this cannot be taken for medical advice or a substitute for seeing a doctor. This

is considered spiritual guidance only.


Is there a money back guarantee?

There are no guarantees and it would be irresponsible for me to suggest otherwise. What you are paying me for is my time and services. There

are no refunds. However I usually do see that 90% of my clients usually experience a spontaneous healing within 24-72 hours. I do a screening process

to make sure that you are a good fit to ensure you will succeed in the healing.


Is An in person session better than a Skype Session or Vice Versa?

In my experience they both are equally effective.


How does this work?

I employ a process of Quantum Healing and Psychic Healing to stimulate spontaneous healing within the client. This process is done

remotely on skype or can be arranged for in person 


How much does this cost?

 The price is currently $297.00 for a healing session.


Is There any way I can get a discount?

On a case by case basis I will charge $97 dollars if the person is financially challenged. I believe just because a person is financially struggling

doesn't mean they should have to suffer if there is no reason for it. Please just contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are struggling

and need a discount, thanks.


Click here to Purchase Remote / In person Healing Session