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Call it cleanse, call it whatever you want,   went to the dump 3 times, unusual for me, usually do that in the AM,   it means something is happening and garbage is being pushed out I was living on advil ester c supreme and lysine and cold cough syrop look buddy wait, as soon as sound  comes,  my muscles begin to flex and spasm relaxing motion all the way to  my toes, this is same as was with Sofia track this tells me you hit the home run, all sorts of movement of fluids within my body and temperature begins,  temperature and energy flows, this is HUGE






  Ultimate Male Multiple Orgasm from HypnosisUltimate 5 Minute Long Male Orgasm Experience, click here to Buy



Hello Talmadge. Yesterday night I listened to the long induction ultimate male orgasm and I must agree that it blew my mind. I have listened to the blue snowflake tree times with great success from the first try. The second time I fell asleep as I told you but now I am quite sure it was the eisdaile state as you suggested. The third time was god and effective like the first time so I decided to try the 8 minute power session and it also worked like a charm. So last night was the first try of the ultimate orgasm. The induction was very good, getting even more relaxed than the days before, even to the point of loosing a bit the sensation of arms and legs, a really comfortable feeling. At some point I went very deep and kind of fell asleep, maybe the eisdaile state? And then I was really aware and focussed and the orgasmic part was commencing, pleasure starting to build, pleasure increasing, pleasure at levels I have never experience before. I don't know how long it was, half an hour maybe and it continued after the mp3 was over. It absolutle blew my mind and it was only the first time. I can't imagine how would it be once I have listened to it several times. I really liked that I was sugested to let go through all the orgasmic time and that was really helpful. So thank you, it's been a great, great experience. Best wishes,




Hi Talmadge, I'm a customer of your erotichypnosis website and I wanted to personally thank you for the great material that you have made (along with Sohpia). I have just had some of the more terrific sexual experiences of my life with the 5 minute orgasm files. I know there is more to come as well as I start to experience virtual worlds and hopefully a mind doll someday. Thanks for making these!

- Jason K.



I wanted to send some more feedback about the Ultimate Male Orgasm recording. I continue to be more impressed and amazed every time I listen to it. I have to say that calling it a 5 minute orgasm experience is really an understatement. After listening to it again, I notice that the pleasure starts almost immediately and it doesn’t end when the recording ends. It just seems to continue on almost indefinitely. I can’t say for sure that I’ve come back down to the same planet I was on before I listened to the recording the first time. It has changed my world. ( update from Joel S. )




Hi Talmadge. Thanks so much for offering the 5 minute orgasm experience. I was so excited to get it, that I wanted to try it IMMEDIATELY. It took me three days to get to the deep hypnosis level in Blue Snowflake. But once I did I wanted to go right away to the Ultimate Male Orgasm recording. All I can say after the experience is WOW! That was unlike any orgasm I have ever experienced. It was more like an explosion of pleasure throughout my whole body that was pulsing and vibrating and feeling good all over. And it all happened at a point where I was starting to think “I’m not sure if this is going to work”. The images in my mind were also incredible, but pretty much indescribable. Maybe like being inside a pleasure bubble. I can’t say how long it lasted, because I’m not sure it’s ended yet, now over an hour later. Every time I think it is finished it seems like the pleasure just continues. Absolutely, unbelievably amazing! I would say it is comparable to the sense of awe and amazement when you experience the forces of nature in a powerful storm. In a similar way it was amazing to experience the power of the unconscious mind when listening to the Ultimate Male Orgasm. Did that really just happen only in my mind, but in a way that was so real I could feel it throughout my whole body? Thanks again and keep up the great work. Feel free to edit this in any way to use as part of your testimonials. Joel S.



I listened to the Male 5min O last night as I was going to sleep. Interestingly, the key word was paramount in my dream. Very comfortable borderingg on erotic. In fact, I could feel the growing sensation of a body "O" building up from my lower back. This went on for quite some time before I had awaken and turned off the recording. In the mood for more experimentation; I listened again early this morning and I can honestly say that I was in the escalating/intensifying moments! When I experienced a contraction, it caught me off guard and caused a break to a degree in the action. I think your clients will love this as it delievers again and again! Keep up the great work! I look forward to using your other cutting edge products in the future. All the best! Bro. The above is my testimonial. You are welcome to use this -A.R.



Hello Talmadge, Thanks for the reply. The surprise was that I had was an orgasm, but it began after I was brought out of the trance at the time when I was told to open my eyes. I was thinking that it was all over and I didn't have one, but then all of a sudden it started. At first I didn't even realize what was happening. I have tried three more times since then without success. Will go back and listen to the conditioning program several more times before I try again. I have listened to the free Sylvia Carmen track three times now. It has gotten better each time. Last night I when I listened to it I had three or four orgasms. I've never experienced anything like it before. Looking forward to trying it again. This business of hypnotism is completely new to me. I'm fascinated by it. I'm in the middle of studying a language now and will likely get your photographic memory set in time. Many others seem very interesting as well. Any suggestions to maximize my time efficiency would be appreciated. Thanks Nelson M.



I´am a german hypnotherapist, and I have many customers that come to me with sexual problems. beeing a male it is difficult to understand women which have problems finding pleasure in their sexual life or having trubble to orgasm. that is except those with negative experiences in the past, where a regression may find the troublespot that can then be solved. So I listen quiet often to erotik hypno sessions for learning how someone feels like when they are given a certain suggestion. I find it very important to make these experiences to customize the sessions to the customer. For example, I listened to many sessions that promise an orgasm, but your session was the first one which was able to do it, except the sessions which give the suggestion to orgasm and then fall silent instead of having an end that "wakes" you up again. In your file you give the suggestion of arousal, then create an orgasm, which did not happen imediately, then give the suggestion for the five minutes orgasm from which almost everybody will have at least 3 minutes of orgasm- time, of that I am sure, since it worked for me the very first time although I was not conditionned to that lovely voice. And seeing that you know exactly that it can take several minutes to make someone orgasm tells me you are very well knowing what you are talking about. Also you repeat the suggestion very often, and more imported you formulate it similar each time. there is nothing more effective then repeated suggestions, and many many hypnotists don´t dare to do it, fearing it may sound odd or something like that. That makes me curious about seeing what you are up to in the future, and also I might learn one or the other. : ) Sorry for the (at least I guess) bad spelling, but it is late here and I can´t get my eyes to stay open long enough to read it al over again. Also sorry for bothering you with all this input, but I was so surprised by this awesomely designed file, that is I had to tell you about it. -Stephen



Though i can barely type at this moment, still feeling the effects of the single most euphoric orgasm i ever experienced, i just had to let you know that no refund required, never was, never will be. I feel like i should pay you more for the experience you just gave me! I had dabbled with some erotic hypnosis before i tried yours and it was pretty good, but perhaps too focused on the perceived male orgasm of ejaculation. In fact, (so i have heard and i agree from personal experience) the male orgasm happens the very moment before ejaculation. the two events are so close that one is easily mistaken for the other. I digress. what i just experienced was a complete body/mind multiple orgasm, like you said i would. I had no idea, NO idea, that an orgasm could feel that good and last that long. And though i did not physically ejaculate, that actually made it all the better because you had me popping on command at the end there. Unbelievable! I was able to live out my most recent sexual fantasy in a fashion i never thought possible. So, thanks for that! I do have one question....before you set off the last sequence, i was almost paralyzed with a pins and needles feeling in my my hands were asleep or something....and i could not get my face to relax from my "O" face, if you know what i mean...almost same feeling as hands, though not numb. It was as if that orgasmic energy you nurtured focused into my hands, of all places. Is that weird? I think what also made this experience so profound and realistic was because i like to write out sexual fantasies from time to time. They are quite detailed and that detail became real. Sometimes when i am aksed to focus in on one sexual fantasy, my mind jumps from one situation to the next, never really seeing the first one through to the end. sometimes that can be distracting. Having written out my fantasy and working on all the details kept it very realistic and focused through the session. Not sure if that might help others.... there a recommended 'rest period' between listenings? Kevin G.


 The Lucid Dreamer:Click Here to buy the Lucid Dreamer



Hey i have an update I took a nap today and had a dream . In my dream I became lucid it was really funny I was so excited and jumped up and down in my dream. Then I woke up. It was the best feeling ever. So hopefully they will be more frequent now. Its only been my 7th day listening to the mp3. I was wondering after 30 days of listening to it then what. Do i stop and the dreams just continue? Thanks you are awesome.

-Mary P.



Yes i have experience with subliminals. I tried the lucid dreamer yesterday, it worked by listening to it only one time! i am amazed! Kind regards alex




Advanced Lucid Erotica: Stephanie Click Here to Buy Advanced Lucid Erotica: Stephanie



Hello Talmadge, Just wanted to send you a quick follow up on my progress. Since your last reply, I started listening to Stephanie_StephanieSchumann4 once every night before going to bed. I think I may have rushed into it a bit, I know I'm probably guilty of that. So after a week with no results, I decided to go back to the Stephanie_BlueSnowFlake4 and planned on listening to it for 2 weeks or so until I'm ready. It's been 3 days since I went back to the BlueSnowFlake4 and I'm experiencing almost the same feelings as before. Feeling at peace and feeling that nothing else matters at this moment, I can also still block all or almost all mental chatter.

And I'm still enjoying the healing benefits as the chronic pain in my leg is still nowhere to be found. However, I can still say the letter C and move when asked but they're both quite difficult. Last night, I think I may have had my first breakthrough even though it's been 4 days since I last listened to the StephanieSchumann4. I was in a roman coliseum that's packed with beautiful women! so I asked the one next to me straight up if she wanted to have sex and she said of course! then we did it right then and there.

Then something incredible happened, I suddenly became lucid and I was aware that this is an erotic dream, and I was saying out loud, this is it! It's gonna be a long dream! Unfortunately I think I may have been too excited that I quickly woke up after that. I'm not sure why I've dreamt of so many women, I read in the guide that the StephanieRedux3 can cause that but I've never actually listened to it. I think I'll continue listening to the BlueSnowFlake4 for another week or possibly more before moving on. I also may have jumped the gun during the sale and bought the kama sutra mp3s which sound even more interesting. So I plan on listening to the  KamaSutraSchumannWarmSoundsWithSubliminals or so once I'm ready. Or should I try something else? I appreciate your advice, I know I said this is a quick follow up but I just noticed how long it is right now so my apologies.


- Abdel T. 





I have been listening to the stephanie file every night except some nights I would miss a night. Anyways, christmas morning I had my first breakthrough, I felt a presence and it felt like I was being hugged and hands were running through my hair and I felt a tongue around my c$*k? when I realized these things I kind of accidentally shook myself out of trance by becoming too aware of it it seemed. Continuing to listen. Let me know your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks 

- Daniel K. 




Hi Talmage, just wanted to let you know about a breakthrough I've finally had with Stephanie 5.0 and looping with super subliminal. It's taken 8 months or so to learn how to relax, let go and remove whatever blocks that were in the way. Two nights ago I finally had a waking dream; I was both aware and asleep at the same time, felt electric sensations through my body and then felt the presence of a woman turn my waist towards her and then proceed with an amazing sexual experience. Incredible! The next night I was restless and anxious and couldn't quite relax enough to allow her to fully manifest again. I could feel she wanted to, I just couldn't let go enough to allow it. I'll have to keep working on that. I hope I'll be able to see as well as feel her in the future. Thank you for your amazing positive vibration hypnosis products.

-Peter  J. 



Hi Talmadge, I wanted to send you some feedback on my experiences with Advanced Lucid Erotica, Stephanie 4.0. After listening for 5 days with no positive result, the 6th night was AMAZING. As I was lying face down asleep, I felt a woman climb on top of me and start riding me, grinding her pelvis into my backside. I could feel her breasts pushing into the middle of my back. Then she moved her head around to my right side and we kissed and I could feel the wetness of her tongue on mine. The whole experience was more like it was really happening than an actual dream. I felt like I was basically awake through the whole thing. Some additional feedback. For the first few times I listened, I did not find the listening experience all that pleasant. The recording made me fidgety and restless and also hard to fall asleep to. I wasn't sure how loud to have the volume, as the dual voices are quite loud. So I had the volume down as low as it would go, just above total silence, but the voices were still fairly loud and I could hear the isochronal beats. Last night I turned it up just one notch louder and it was either that or the repetition from many nights that produced a very different result. I now find the recording very pleasant to listen to and I look forward to tonight's adventure. One more comment. I found one of your discussions about listening to subliminal recordings and in it you said that it was important to only listen to one recording at a time, don't try to listen to more than one each day because then none of them will work. I think this may have caused problems I had earlier with some of your other products when I didn't get the expected results, but I was listening to two or more different recordings each day, and also not listening at all some days. Now I understand the importance of listening to only ONE subliminal recording each day and listening to that ONE recording multiple consecutive days until you get the desired result. Thanks for creating some amazing products!

- Joel S




( Comment from Talmadge: Keep in mind that these fantastic results were only after a few days, usually after about a week it really kicks in. Once again another fantastic product from Sophia ) Greetings, Mr. Harper I hope this email finds you well and good. I have been using Stephanie 4.0 for the last few days and last night have experienced semi-moderate success. I was drove up to a massage parlor, and parked my truck and walked inside. There could have easily been 50 girls in a large room, and all seemed to be between mid to late 20s Every one was like super happy to see me, and one cute girl approached me, as if she was expecting me. She had, from what I can remember, shoulder length brown hair. She told me her name, but I could not remember but had deep blue eyes and an amazing smile. She reached out, took my hand and said 'I think we're ready', and led me to a room that contained a massage table and she told me to undress and she will be right back. A few moments later, she came back and informed me that I had parked my truck in a no-parking zone and very nicely asked me to move it I dressed and moved the car, and that is when I woke up. This may not seem like much to some people, but I have never been able to have a sensual dream quite effortlessly and even though it was rather short, it was incredible in detail. I am one of those people with whom even dream recall is a struggle, much less any good 'naughty dreams'. But once again, you have made it all so easy and look forward to updating you on my success - Mark P.




Hi Talmadge, I will start using the blog soon as I start the Aphrodite program, but thought I would drop a few comments here on a recent Stephanie experience. I was a bit discouraged after a couple weeks of listening and no real results, but in the third week I was having trouble to fall asleep and decided just to leave Stephanie loop through the headphones laying on the bed. Couldn't even hear anything for the most part; also I added SuperSerium to the loop. Finally I drifted off and the next thing I noticed was becoming aware of a buzzing/vibration sound/feeling that rose in frequency until finally it peaked out and then HOLY COW WHAMO! I Was Right There, AMAZING, even much more so than my first Alien experience. Even while I entered I was completely aware I was there, I remember saying to myself in that state "This is it! This is it!" and I was completely amazed I was right there and it was really happening and I was completely aware/conscious. Everything I saw was PERFECTLY CLEAR and Full Color, maybe even a bit clearer and brighter than reality. It felt/looked completely real other than that I was floating/flying and surrounded by tons of young girls in every direction, like moving up through an elevator shaft and girls at every level down the hallways in all four directions. All the girls were clothed, but one odd surprise was that all the girls were like early teens and not of other interest. I was guided by a few girls a bit older maybe. Anyway, that didn't really matter I was just soooo amazed to be there and flying/floating through the scene. If felt like the purpose was to kind'a like giving me a quick tour as the girls lead me through the structure each in turn. Everyone was super happy, like excited to show me around, and I was totally in Amazement. Very interestingly I was brought to an area that looked a bit like a section of the airport where there was a lounge to one side and like security/scanner gates to the other side near the front exit of the building. I remember there being a point to make, and being told something about following the rules or have to do something otherwise you get kind'a like ejected or sent out, as we watched some people go through and be sent off through the exit doors into empty space. After the point was understood my guide left and I returned to the lounge for a minute before I could feel myself coming out. When I transitioned/came out of the dream I was completely aware of the transition/change but I felt as awake as I was in the dream so I was still kind'a wondering "am I really awake now, is there more?" I thought, well I could try opening my eyes to see if I am really awake/back, and opened my eyes and was awake, I've never before experienced being conscious throught the entire waking process. It was so real, I wasn't sure if I was still in the dream or not until I tried opening my eyes. Wow! Just amazing. I got a bit of a taste of it with my first Alien experience, but this time was just SUPER AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING and super clear and was totally present and aware. Both during the experience and after I woke up I felt a HUGE appreciation and gratitude for having it, even though it wasn't as expected in meeting Stephanie. I have never experienced anything quite like it. I've had a few somewhat vivid dreams, but nothing like this, this is dramatically different, I was totally there and totally aware and I carried that awareness through the entire experience including going in and coming out. I will continue with Stephanie for another week while I also use the SuperSerium in prep for the Aphrodite program, maybe try the Alien one again for a week, as I need two weeks with Superserium before starting Aphrodite. That was the coolest amazing experience ever! If the rest is anything like this, this has to be the coolest experience in my life. Wow!Thanks for bringing this to us. Cheers Mark. B


Advanced Sexual Healing HypnosisAdvanced Sexual Healing For Men And Women Click here to buy Advanced Sexual Healing For Men And Women



started using your products on April 9, with "Advanced Sexual Healing For Men". I was very pleased with the results I got with this, including being able to relax and enjoy being affectionate with my wife, and being comfortable naked around her. After three weeks of listening to this MP3, I actually overcame my E.D. and was able to make love to her from the first time in three years.    

- John D. 



If I think about my future with women, I have now good feelings and I have new good visual imaginations. Before I listen to this subliminal I had much more bad feelings and visual pictures about me and women and it felt like it would be bad for the rest of my life.

Now I have hope and I’m happier. Beside this I’m more confident. Normally I don’t speak so much with my coworker. But recently I flirted with a coworker and she is actually in a relationship. It was super easy and was so natural. I didn’t planned it and it was very funny. She liked it.

These issues escort me since I was 12 or 13, now I’m 26. I sampled many things but nothing was able to get rid of these issues. Yesterday I listen to it and suddenly I had a slight discomfort in my forehead and I wanted to fight against this, but then I accepted it and as I release my will to fight against it, the discomfort disbanded.

Now I can not think about this enormous problem that I had for so many years, that's great. I never really knew what this issue was, but I knew that I had this issue. I don’t know if it complete disappeared but I’m sure that a part is disappeared.

 - Karl P.



Oh yeah, Just wanted to give a general thank you and say that my first session with the sexual healing mp3 has worked faster than almost all forms of self-improvement/self-inquiry I've done over the past 3 years. I'm a clairsentiant (I feel the energy of things and people around me), and I could feel the blocked energy loosen in me and start moving freely. So much that it was overwhelming even. I had some sexual stuff happen when I was a kid and all of the energy moving had me realize I may have been more blocked sexually than I thought. I look forward to seeing myself when these changes are a done deal. I also listened to the Skin, Vegan, and Take Action mp3s. Those felt strong too. I was spending a bunch of time trying to go into ultra depth back in the day, but I think my conscious mind was blocking that at the time, so the subliminals are great. No need to wait for results, although I'm still going to do UD until it's a solid ability. Feel free to use this as a testimonial, but I'd prefer you use only my initials. And I was able to download 3 of my old files through the email link from 2 years ago. Thanks, R. R.




About an hour after I sent that email, I released a big block that I realized I had installed on top of my issues a couple years ago. I think I'm going to learn more quickly now, like you said. I love that these products work quickly and outside of my awareness. It's so easy Joseph L. ( update )




I have been listening for about 2 weeks and I feel like I'm peeling back the layers of my issues with women. At the core there's a deeply held insecurity. I tend to be really scared to show girls that I'm interested and I'm usually boring and withdrawn in conversation (if I ever get that far). I've never gotten anywhere with a girl I like and it seems like there's a barrier keeping me from being able approach a girl I like. Know that I don't generally think of my self like this, I just don't want to underplay what's going on. FYI I'm 20 I feel like these issues are falling away in layers and I'm finding there's more to it than I imagined. I have less inhibitions around women now for sure and my experiences are feeling newer (as opposed to being trapped in an issue). A week ago I had some dreams about a 9th grade crush and let go of some issues with her. To sum it up, I feel like I'm making tremendous progress but I also feel like I'm only a few inches closer to having the experience I really want to have around women. I want to feel good around women I like and be able to have exciting interactions with them. Oh yeah, that's another thing I'm getting: a better defined, better formed understanding of what I want with women. - Joseph L.




Sorry for the late update, I've been going through a rough few days. I wanted to update you on my progress with the sexual healing mp3s. So I should preface by saying that it might seem ironic that I got these subliminals considering that I've never actually had sex before, but when I was growing up I went through a phase of severe depression and resorted to masturbation in order to feel better. It started off as an innocent pleasure, but soon grew to much more. After a while it became an addiction and I started masturbating 2-3 times per day compulsively. Moreover, I always felt the need to look at porn late at night when I was alone with my laptop. It was such a strong habit that I couldn't break it, it just consumed me. My grades suffered in school, I would feel tired all the time etc. I looked online for programs to help with porn/masturbation addiction and they basically said that after a while your brain cannot rewire and that you just have to cope with the addiction for the rest of your life. I don't know if anyone reading this has ever been addicted before, but when you are trying to quit an addiction there's this period of unbelievably difficult withdrawal. In the past 5 years or so, I think the longest I've ever made it without masturbating was 5 days. I don't think that theres anything wrong with masturbation if its a casual thought once every so often, but when the thought of sex consumes you to such a great extent it almost feel suffocating. I've been using the healing mp3s for about a month now. Honestly I have not been using them every day,ive missed a few days here and there, but even still, I can vouch without a doubt that there is some deep subconcious rewiring occuring. Everytime I listen to the subliminals the effects get more and more deeper. The first thing I noticed was that my body was physically responding better. Im having less and less "weak erections" as a result of over masturbation. But more importantly, my compulsion to watch porn/masturbate has subsided. Its difficult to actually explain the feeling, as sexual urges are natural and healthy, but what is remarkable is that I feel in control now, whereas before I was pretty much at the mercy of my addiction. I will still be listening to these mp3s for a bit longer in order to ensure that the transformation is complete, but I just gotta say: Each mp3 here is a miracle in its own way. I just feel so blessed to have come across this site, the feeling of relief I feel because of this mp3 in indescribable. Thank you so much Talmadge, I can't wait for whats in store for the future. - Andrew V.




Well, I've been using the track for about 2 and 1/2 weeks, and I can say with confidence that my sexual problems have disappeared. I no longer have any compulsions or frustrations about porn or erotic hypno, etc -- I've also lost some weight, an unexpected but great side-effect. And while my more subtle issues, like spatial disorientation, haven't dissipated entirely, they're a lot more manageable now. Using the track seems to be bringing them to the surface and boiling them off, and I feel confident that they too will disappear in time. I'd be happy to write something at length about the long-term issues I had and how much the track has aided me with them. -Everett D.


Ultra Depth Hypnosis TestimoniesUltra Depth Relaxation Click Here to Buy Ultra Depth Relaxation mp3s


Hi Talmadge,
Again Thanks for the talk yesterday, I learned a lot. I am definitely continuing my “training” with the Ultra depth and with “Lucky in Life” MP3.
As a brief testimonial I believe the Ultra Depth really assisted in my healing with TMJ. I was already using the mouth guard and taking medication for pain, but when I listened to the Ultra Depth it really put my healing faster in high gear so much so that it has been nearly 4 months since I have stopped taking any medication for my jaw pain. The Ultra Depth is the core of your program and precursor to all of the other programs you have. If you need  healing then state that positive intention prior to the session and Thank the subconscious afterwards. This is key and the effect of this is tremendous. I will say also that during the Ultra Depth I have blacked out a few times then came out of it when I heard your voice leading me down to the infancy of relaxation. It’s OK though I still feel the benefit of the program, totally and I know it works without a doubt.
This formula would probably work for any of your clients:
1.       State your positive intention to the subconscious of what you want to experience prior to the session. Some people can actually “pray” which is essentially the same thing in retrospect.
2.       Let go and relax and just know that what you expect to happen will happen.
3.       Lovingly Thank the subconscious and display some gratitude afterward irrespective of what actually happens.  
Another thing to think about, is that this is actually really positive mind training. The more training we can get the better off we will be it health, wealth and happiness. It is too bad that this type of training does not get taught enough with all the negativity that surrounds this type of material. Can you imagine how many people in the world can positively benefit from this if only if this is taught correctly without paranoid propaganda that’s out there. Only time will tell.
On a side note, my current “training” is that  once I make the lucky in life mp3 permanent then I will definitely purchase your Alpha Protocol, and hopefully move onto the Mind Doll and have fun in the process. If you ever need anything from me let me know.
- Carmelo 



Hi Talmadge,
I have a question or two. My wife and I have been using the Ultradepth Relaxation and we both love it. I have a hard time relaxing in general and it gets me more relaxed than anything else I've tried, including other hypnosis recording. My wife uses at night when she can't sleep. We both have really benefited from it. I feel like it's progressive too. The more we use it the better it gets, and the more healing is taking place. Thank you for making such a quality product.



When initially scouring your website and getting excited by the various different downloads available, 'Ultra Depth Relaxation' wasn't one of the titles that caught my attention or jumped out as an area I could particularly gain from. I in fact began using it due to investing in the 'Healing and Virus' package which requires an extensive period of UD before proceeding to the later elements of the process. I have since done a complete U-turn with regards my views on this product though and would recommend it to anyone - above any other product here if you where unfortunate enough to have to choose. Not only is it a fantastic stand-alone product (it has had a remarkable impact on my life in terms of reducing anxiety, making me more centered, bringing me back into the present moment more in day-to-day life and raising my mood in general) but it has taken the other areas I have been working with to a completely new level, one example being the Alpha Protocol mentioned above, which has bloomed with the UD installment used alongside it. This is without doubt the product I have responded best too and in turn have been most impressed with. This summation is short, but the product is (fairly) simple in it's objective and it hits the nail on the head. That's all there is to it. Brendon P.




Hi, Well, I have to say that some of the hypnosis/relaxation audios in the past could have worked well, but sadly many of them included weird/sick suggestions that immediately made me put my guard up. So it's very much a trust issue, I cannot "let go" if I don't feel I can trust what the voice is saying is with good intentions etc, I'm sure you get it. So it's great that your work seems to be very positive minded etc. The UD mp3 felt ok/good about the first three times, then started kicking in better/sooner, maybe because the aforementioned that I needed to trust it first . After maybe 9-10 sessions it's put me to sleep a couple of times or I've felt so relaxed that there's kind of floating sensations and not feeling my body anymore but just warm and "under" etc. Some visual imagery has crossed my mind during listening, but very briefly so far. I'm sure it'll get even better and will develop more visuals etc, because I use a lot of visualization on other areas of life. So I feel like it gets better with time and practise. One more thing I've noticed that I sleep a little better, I think it's safe to say the mp3 has helped on that also. I also remember more dreams more easily. That's partly why I bought the lucid dreaming mp3, which I haven't tried yet, but soon will. I want to take a few more days just listening to the UD. I've actually been a very restless sleeper for a long while, so it's great that I feel this might help on that one too. Time will tell. So these are my thoughts so far. Thanks! Regards, Matthew U.




I have noticed that while everyone around me at work has had terrible colds & viral infections, so far I haven't. Knock on wood. It feels like I will start to come down with something then it goes away. I think the UD Mp3 contributes to this because I have no other explanation. My asthma is improving also. -Denecia </p




As for feedback on the UDR, neither one of us has been professionally hypnotized nor dabbled in self-hypnosis in any serious manner. Yoga breathing exercises and some guided meditation is as close as we've ever come. So neither of us had any expectations going in … other than "I wonder if this will really work?" Karen felt a vibration and a warm peaceful feeling during her initial UDR, and very relaxed afterward. After that, she was excited to try the breast UDR and kept falling asleep during the UDR portion. After three listens and falling asleep, she decided to listen the suggestive portion to see what she was missing. Something is definitely working. After five listens I have noticed a fullness that wasn't there before. She's an A cup, so it doesn't take much to notice a difference! My positive response has her amped up to keep going. So I believe there is tremendous value in support during this journey. As for me, the first recording I listened to was the UDR for the Ultimate Male O, but my experience was the same with the standard UDR recording. Having read about hypnosis and seeing others hypnotized in videos and in person years go, I've always been puzzled by how quickly these people "go under." And I've also read and seen that people who are hypnotized are truly aware of everything going on. So I was looking forward to the experience and to see if I would respond in a similar manner. After getting through the initial portion of deep breathing and the guided relaxation of the entire body I was relaxed but didn't necessarily feel "hypnotized." But as soon as the count "downs" began, I could feel my body reacting. By the time I got through the first 1-10 countdown, I was deeply relaxed and floating. I couldn't "feel" my limbs but I felt whole, cocooned, protected, a sense of oneness. I didn't think I could go any deeper, but once the series of floors was explored, I was amazed by how much deeper I went. I remember thinking this is fascinating and how is this possible because it was my first experience. I was sitting for the first session and felt my neck muscles relax so much that I couldn't support my head. Unlike when you sleep the wrong way and your neck gets stiff, this was never uncomfortable despite the fact that my head was practically parallel to my shoulder. And when the I went into the infant stage, I felt surges of energy throughout my body. They felt like the goosebump feeling, but without the chilling "I'm getting goosebumps" sensation. No hair stood up, just a wash of energy. I wasn't sure if it was due to my awareness of what was happening and being awed by it or if it was part of the experience. (Now having done it several times, I think it was the wonder because I'm now more in the moment than being awed by it.) When the count "up" occurred in the first experience, I was awed yet again because my body was reacting as if something else was in control. It felt like I was a balloon filling up with air. It was tremendous to feel something I have never felt before. At 49, I felt like a kid again! The energy, the experience and having my conscious mind give in to my subconscious was truly intoxicating. I felt extremely relaxed but not tired, and it lasted well into the next day when I sat down for my next listen. -Jon S.




Ultra Depth Relaxation: Lots of "chakra" movement. I also have been experiencing some intense head pressure, nothing painful but it is as if my subconscious is starting to open up and take note of my inner dialogue. I also after listening the past just recently I feel alot of warming sensations in my lower legs and then it subsides, kind of like it comes and goes (nothing major). Sleep has gotten alot better for me as well. I ask for certain things that need clearing up so to speak. So maybe it a form of communication. I had a Skype lesson from my private teacher on the clarinet and the professor told me that not only was the lesson one of the best so far but that I have improved dramatically within the last year and half :) People at work also have been more social and positive with me. Overall I feel that the changes are getting there in a positive manner. I also started to journal all of my experiences in a small notebook after each session as well, taking notes. Happy New Year, Carmello ( update )




Hi Talmadge, I just wanted to give you an update to the Ultra Depth file I purchased. I listen with stereo headphones lying down in my bed and have not blacked out once. (I think my previous training of meditating is starting to make a difference) The heavy feeling I get unable to move hits right around 10 minutes into the file. Thereafter feelings of floating cool visions take place. Sometimes I think of a scenario during the session and that seems to pull me deeper. I also in my mind say to myself "whole body healing" and my subconscious to heal certain issues in my physical state( lower cholesterol, clear lungs, color pigment in my root hairs :) After the session I feel great, have sharper focus, concentration, clarity and seem to be more spontaneous in doing certain tasks. It has been only a week but I firmly believe that this file probably one of the best. Maybe I should have purchased first before the others. Overall simply amazing. Thanks, Carmelo



12/13/2012 I

t's been a week since I've started using your files on a daily basis and I thought I'd chime in with a progress report. Although I've purchased some other files for future use, the ones I've been using every day have been the Confidence and Ultra Relaxation files. I'm pleased to say that your recommendation of the Confidence file seems to be a winner so far. While I haven't done anything really bold like introduce myself to a total stranger or go to a club, I have been making more eye contact with people and making small talk with them. I've also been able to acknowledge passers by and say hello to them. Neither of these things I was able to do well before, at least not without keeping my head down and dodging eye contact. Will definitely continue to use this file. I usually listen to Ultra Relaxation as soon as I get home from work or the gym and each time, I find myself becoming more and more relaxed. For awhile, my body seemed to involuntarily shake during the recording, but it doesn't do it anymore. I haven't experienced any blackouts like others claim they have, but I have seen images of water on a couple of instances (not constantly though). I've been keeping a written journal of my progress and update it after each session. (and before I go to bed with Confidence progress) I'm pleased with what I've felt so far and plan to explore other files, Chris




Hi Talmadge, I have been listening to the ultra depth mp3 at bedtime & all through the night. I am noticing small jerky movements which I think is tension releasing & one time I was so relaxed I got freaked out. The one great thing is that I don't feel pressured by time as much. -Denecia




Hello, I just wanted to let you know that so far I am very pleased with your products. Your ultra depth hypnosis is excellent as well as your course. I keep in contact with you as I progress. Best regards, Mauricio




Hi talmadge Last note I tried the deep relax for the third time (first two times I was too tired and fell asleep a few minutes in). That was mad fucked up. I fell asleep this time for a little as well but because it was so late. Man that was like the exorcist or something. I had to stop relaxing because felt too much like acid trip! I will try again in a day or two when I am less tired but that was awesome . Most zoned in I have ever gotten on meditation or hypnosis ever by a large degree. Awesome! I am on my phone so I'll keep it short as typing is a pain until I try again and get on my computer. Nice work! Samson P.




Hi Talmadge, Regarding the Ultra Depth Relaxation MP3 you sent me ... I used it yesterday in a sitting position at my computer and achieved a very deep level of relaxation but my head kept slinking forward. One thing I noticed was a change in my sleep patterns last night. I slept right through the night which I hardly ever do and I slept longer than usual. Yesterday's session left me quite impressed because my body carries a lot of tension and quite a bit of it lifted. After the session I laid on my bed "just being there" without much thought or drowsiness. Today (second session) ... I decided to do this session laying on my bed and it was even better. As I sit here typing I can feel a natural calm in my body and mind that I don't recall ever experiencing before. Neck tension is a big problem for me pretty much 24 hours a day and I have to say that there is virtually no tension at this moment in my neck ... this is nothing short of a miracle and I cannot thank you enough because I always I would "just have to live" with this often painful discomfort in my neck and now I know that I do not. My neck feels like it should ... this is amazing. If the results as experienced were all I would receive I'd have to value the UD MP3 at far more than the price you ask. I am truly excited and relieved that at last I have program(s) (yours) to work on over the next year. I truly express gratitude to the Garden Universe for connecting me with you and your work. Integrity is a word with a meaning but to experience integrity first hand in another person means more than words and reaches deep within the heart. Talmadge, you have integrity and it has touched my life. In gratitude and a renewed hope, Charles, Canada




Hi Talmadge! It has now been about 3 months since my first contact with your website and products. I'm very satisfied! Please find below my experience so far: Ultra Depth: Frequency: Using it most days, sometimes twice on the same day. My wife soon became a "convert" and is now a full adept of the UD tapes!!! I have been doing meditation for some years and with UD have achieved by far the best level of relaxation. It goes "deeper and deeper" with each listening! My overall wellbeing has improved as a result. I've used the MP3 to successfully eliminate the starting of colds or headaches. One day (within 1 week of buying the tapes) I had all the symptoms of a strong cold. I was travelling at the time, went back to the hotel and after 1 listening was feeling almost back to normal. This was the first time in my life that I was able to eliminate a cold so quickly! SInce then I have experienced the same degree of healing and improvement with small gym injuries. And this without yet to use the "Healing and Virus Free Product". Also used it while flying. Recently we had a 33 hour door-to-door trip, all the way from Australia to Europe with long stop overs. Despite the trip we both arrived full of energy and very relaxed and were able to attend lectures and sightseeing with minimal jet leg!!! People kept asking how we were feeling after the trip and we were just fine! Same on our return. The times I used it twice on the same day had some interesting OBE experiences (also a first) where I was fully aware of being outside, touching things, reading etc. For us the UD has become part of our daily routine. Either early in the morning (~ 5:30am) or during the day on weekends. We found that late at night we fall a sleep (really asleep?) too quickly. Feedback: started listening the MP3s but had no "target" in relation to the level of relaxation to achieve or further guidelines. Maybe a "what to expect" list or F.A.Q would be useful. Otherwise 10/10! -Raimundo C.




Heres a recent Ultra Depth experience.. Life was starting to get the better of me the other day and after a massive week I crashed out one afternoon and took an emergency nap. I decided to listen to the Ultra Depth mp3 again while resting up. I hadn't listened to it in a few months and the results were really interesting. Before listening to it my energy was really weird, it felt constricted and breathing was even a bit laborious. I also had that icky feeling you get when you drink too much coffee, thing was I hadn't even had any! After the Ultra Depth session my mind felt very peaceful and calm, before it felt like it was going to burst. My muscles relaxed and the constriction feeling left. Thats all cool in itself but what's better is the energetic space that the track puts me into. I find that Im much more connected to the world and everything in it. "Random" synchronicities seem to happen regularly, like thinking of people and then I suddenly bump into them, or they call. Infact the email you just sent me seemingly out of the blue happened the same day. People were far more engaging with me, especially at work. Even colleagues that normally ignore me were saying hello (and actually meaning it!). I think that putting myself into that Ultra Depth state changed the energy that I was putting out into the world. The intense relaxation helped me release negative tension that I was holding on to and lets my inner light shine out. Other people seem to pick up on the vibe, even if Im not in their proximity. It's as if being in this state allows the law of attraction to work its magic without me even trying! I've used your Alpha Protocol Mp3 in the past and it definitely works but for me, the Ultra Depth works even better! It helps put me in a space that attracts everyone and everything in a positive manner :) I was listening to the Ultra Depth regularly during December and January and the same phenomenon was occurring. I had a break for 3 months and now going back to it, the same things are happening again, which adds to the validity that it's the Ultra Depth mp3 thats largely responsible. Once again - love you work! ;) Feel free to use any of the above as a testimonial on your site if you wish. Cheers Lucas




Anyway, about my experiences with the Schumann.... 1. I'm super relaxed! I don't want to move, and it honestly just feel like my body is taking a sigh of relief. I get super stressed, and thus get a lot of knots in my back, shoulders, and neck. But since using this, I haven't been experiencing that at all! I feel so loose when I'm done the mp3 it's amazing. 2. I have energy. I thought after being so relaxed I'd come back out of it really groggy, but I'm not, I'm ready to go! I'm going to be doing it today an hour before I go to the hospital so I can make it through the night. But it's like your whole body got a much needed power nap. 3. Lots of warmth, tingling, and healing. I'm really starting to feel the warmth of the white light, and can actually feel it move up my body as you say so. As it moves I get warm, and tingly. I've also managed to bring it back, while there's the time of just music towards the end, I ask the light to come back and go over parts of my body that I need if I have a headache or something. It totally works. And just last week, I had to go to the ER for a pelvic inflammation which was due to an infection I didn't even know I had. Well I got put on all of these antibiotics and the doc told me I'd for sure have some unpleasant side effects, but I've been doing the Schumann like 3 times a day since, and just visualizing the white light help my body relax and be able to heal itself....and long story short, i feel great and have had no side effects! I called the doc and he was really surprised. So yeah, I think it's been definitely helping with my healing process because I haven't been doing anything else. 4. Totally clears my mind. I'm one of those people who, if I'm not day dreaming, my mind is going a mile a minute, even when I'm trying to go to sleep. School has exacerbated this, and I've found it hard to meditate more recently. But now, if I go right into my meditation right after listening to the mp3, I'm able to keep my mind much clearer, almost as clear as it is while I'm listening. I just really love it. So I hope that gives you a little insight on how it's helping me. I'll be sure to update as I go along. I'm going to see if I can get the white light to help with my hair growth goals next. That should be interesting lol. You ever think of making a hair growth mp3, or a breast reduction one? Definitely going to get a custom mp3 when I can! Anyway, thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly and I hope you have a great day. And I'll definitely be on the look out for the new ambrosia pool. Thanks again Talmadge! Ja-Nell p.s. if you want to put any of that in your testimonial page, please do!




I've been doing the UDultradepth 2-3 times a day now for 6 days. My first journal entry detailed some "weird" experiences I was having during the inductions starting on the third day (I think?). Background info: I have some pretty serious health issues that I was not really trying to affect with this hypnosis endeavor. Among my health issues are medically diagnosed chronic arthritis and a chronic cough and occasional shortness of breath which I believed was probably the early stages of congestive heart failure (but this last was just my opinion - not medically diagnosed). Over the last few days (starting slightly before my "weird" experiences described in my earlier post), I started to feel better. Since this was something I was not really attempting as a goal for my hypnosis project, I kind of dismissed it as a probable placebo effect at first - especially when the effects were more subtle. However as of day 6, I would estimate that at least 85% of my arthritis pain has disappeared (and it was formerly so bad I had serious trouble just getting up off the floor or bending over to put my shoes on!) and more than 50% of my coughing and 95% of my shortness of breath has simply vanished. In just SIX days... I am now able for the first time in over two years to get down on the floor and do a few pushups a day! To those of you in better shape, I know that doesn't sound like much, but for me it's almost indescribably HUGE! =) I am so happy! Thank you so much for all your help... Sincerely, --Anthony Edit: I would like to add something here which I feel speaks volumes about the integrity of Talmadge Harper and his products: When he heard about my progress with these health issues, he actually suggested I NOT invest more money in another healing specific product he offers that I had inquired about, suggesting the possibility/probability that given my current rate of progress, that there was a significant chance I might not NEED it! The man voluntarily sacrificed a likely sale of another product because he was committed to being that honest. Wow..


I listened to the "keyword" mp3 yesterday after I downloaded it, before I went to bed last night, and just now. You said I was in for an amazing experience and you were not wrong. I have never, ever, ever been so deep before, and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful feelings I've ever felt. I can't describe it in words. Suffice to say that having never been this deep before, I love this place and love being there. It's liberating. It feels so expansive, like I'm joining part of something so much larger than myself, and I'm being welcomed to a new level of consciousness that is warm, inviting and very, very powerful. Letting go "to it" and letting it wash over me takes me to a place I've never been before. At times it feels like some wonderful force is gently pushing me down into my bed, making me so heavy and then my body simply does not exist anymore. It's like it's nothing more than your voice opening my mind on a such a deep level that nothing else around me matter or has bearing on me. The last two times I've listened, I've been very aware when I wake up of being very "aware" of my body all over. Everything seems so vivid and "alive", if that makes sense. You instructed in your previous email to listen to this one, then "warehouse" then the two "console" mp3s. One question I have is how long do/should I listen to "keyword" before moving on to warehouse, then on to the consoles? And how does/will the muscle mp3 I downloaded fit into this schedule? Am I being too analytical? Trying to establish a timeline where there doesn't need to be one yet? Any advice is most welcome! I'm loving what's been happening and I thank you so much. This is an incredible journey and I can't wait to see where it continues to go! How the hell did you learn to do this?! LOL! ~ Jim ( update )




Hi Talmadge ~ I logged on to my account to send you an email, and there was one from you! How did I enjoy the mp3, you ask? Once I downloaded both ultra depth mp3s, I decided to listen to the new ultra depth one. I listened to it as soon as I downloaded it, then again before I went to bed. I listened to it yesterday morning around 5am (that time of the morning when one is half awake and half asleep), then before bed, and again this morning around 5.30am. I have worked with hypnotists before and some have been able to help me achieve nice depth, others have not. But I have always felt a sort of "demand" to go deeper. Listening to you and your mp3, I was very aware of a sense of being "invited" to go deeper. Make sense? Just that word "deeper" in your mp3 feels so warm, inviting and natural. Something to be welcomed, not fought or analyzed. The time doesn't seem to be almost an hour. When I open my eyes, I swear it has been maybe 15 minutes that I have been listening. The deep level that the mp3 takes me to is something I've not been able to achieve before, but I now realize it's what I have been trying to find all along, and I open my eyes listening to the last few minutes of music on the mp3 with a beautiful sense of serenity and peace that I have never experienced with other tists and/or their mp3s. In short, the best words I can use are Oh. My. God! THIS is what I always thought very deep hypnosis should feel like. There is a moment where my body sort of falls away from me, and I'm just going so damn deep and it's amazing! Thank you so very much! I think that probably answers your question. LOL! ~ Jim




m continuing to have amazing healing results with your UD mp3. Nothing really major but lots of little things like back aches and hip cramps have been cleared up whilst travelling. Its much easier to get decent rest while on the road when other travellers are noisy around you or the beds not quite as comfy as you're used to. I just pop my headphones in and Im good. And for the first time ever Ive gotten off a plane (10 hour flight) feeling better then when I got on thanks to the UD and Ambrosia tracks. Cheers mate!!! :)m continuing to have amazing healing results with your UD mp3. Nothing really major but lots of little things like back aches and hip cramps have been cleared up whilst travelling. Its much easier to get decent rest while on the road when other travellers are noisy around you or the beds not quite as comfy as you're used to. I just pop my headphones in and Im good. And for the first time ever Ive gotten off a plane (10 hour flight) feeling better then when I got on thanks to the UD and Ambrosia tracks. Cheers mate!!! :) -- Lucas ( second update )




I tried the new Ultra Depth yesterday. Very nice. I definitely shifted some blockages at the end, particularly in my throat area. also, I hopped on the drum kit an hour afterwards and noticed amazing improvements!! Theres a technique used for heavy rock playing where you sit on the stool with both feet off the ground, just lighlty touching the pedals and you push downwards. This takes some serious core muscle strength to stay upright. It never seemed to work for me, like there was some kind of muscular and energetic imbalance or something. Anyways, I hadn't played in a few weeks and yesterday it all worked perfectly without even trying. The only thing I've done differently is your mp3s. Cheers!! Think I might treat myself to your hypnosis course with my xmas money. I love this stuff!!! - Update from Lucas




Hi Talmadge, Just some feedback and a few questions. I recently bought your Ultra Depth mp3 and had amazing results on the very first listen. I've got chronic fatigue stuff going on and my digestion is terrible. I was having a particularly exhausted day and instead of having a afternoon nana nap I listened to the Ultra Depth mp3. I woke up feeling AMAZING. A complete reversal of an hour before. I was really positive and energized. I even went for a jog on the beach which I haven't had the energy for in months! My sleep was deep and sound and my dreams were of self empowerment and adventure. -Lucas




Dear Mr. Harper: I purchased the Schumann Ultra Depth Relaxation mp3, as per your recommendation. I want to thank you for the recommendation. After just one night I feel more relaxed and at ease, and I was so full of energy this morning that I skipped my coffee. Furthermore, during the hypnosis session itself, the sensations that I experienced were so comfortable and profound that I want to go to that state more often. -Glenn




So, I don't know what to say about this time listening to the relaxation tapes but wow! It had never clicked for me as much as it did when I listened to them today. I was able to go incredibly deep, followed all the cues, completed all the exercises during the course of the mp3 (attempting to lift a limb, say a letter, etc). It was an absolutely incredible experience. The only thing I could say against it was that my mind seemed to drift (as always), but it did not detract from the deepening of my relaxation. In fact, I could "sense" my subconscious allow me to go deeper when the tapes were speaking directly to my subconscious mind (after several of the countdowns to 10). It was an amazing hour of time spent, and I can't wait to experience it again very soon. - John




Physical: This session was the deepest, most profound state of relaxation I have ever experienced. My entire body felt as if it were made of lead. My arms and legs felt this way almost throughout the entire session. I felt it in my body with varying intensity - rather in gentle surges. My neck and lower jaw were relaxed. I felt the really profound, deep relaxation there less often than elsewhere. I had no problems in breathing although it was rather shallow from time to time. The warm, fluid, white light: I felt this. I was becomming physically so warm that I was on the verge of beginning to sweat. Mental: I experienced the usual, ongoing, inner dialogue at the beginning. It dropped off to a minimum fairly quickly though. That truly impressed me! I'm looking forward to the next session tonight, to see if this happens again (ruling out "the novelty effect"). I did notice an increase during the section of the file where there was no coaching - just the tones. It felt like, although still very deeply relaxed, I started to drift slightly and very slowly upwards (the leaden feeling was decreasing). Also, the inner dialogue began to pick up again during this period. It was less than usual but still more than while the spoken part of the file was running. Emotional: I felt very peaceful throughout the file. The voice of the speaker in the file literally leaves one no alternative but to trust, and enjoy the experiernce. At one point, about half-way through the file, I lost sensation of my body completely. My legs both jerked involuntarily, as if to re- establish contact with the ground, or as if trying to catch myself and prevent a fall. I believe this was more of an emotional reaction as I do have a mild fear (or serious respect) of heights. Although, thinking about it, it really was like a sense of dissociation with my body - no contact whatsoever. Amazing! -- Micheal




the mp3 I am listening to is apparently called "SchumannRelaxationUD" you sent me a link in a previous mail. I have have been able to go deep earlier, but never as deep as with this one. I usually listen to hypnosis right before going to sleep. This sometimes causes me to drift off briefly during the session. I am not sure whether this is good or bad. I find myself drifting off a lot more often with this mp3 than other ones. Somewhere in the middle of the MP3 I experience a change in how I feel. Somehow i become a bit more alert, yet still just as relaxed. The best way I can describe it would be something like lying on a platform that gets lowered down a shaft, and when I reach a certain level of relaxation, the platform gets raised a bit. It's quite weird. Being in this state is quite delightful, and I "loose contact" with some parts of my body, usually my feet and legs. I think that any suggestion added in the end of that recording would be quite/very effective, depending on how conditioned the subject is. -Henrik




i felt so strange really but it was nice strange, i cant explain exactly how was it. but i felt some of the things u told me that i will feel like floating, heaviness, waves, feel euphoric all this feelings i got while i was listing to your mp3 i only listen to it once so far can't really wait to start the one for mind doll really -S. Knoles




However, as I consider myself to be fairly easily hypnotizable, I jumped in with both feet and found the directed hypnosis was much more effective. After having practiced some meditation techniques on my own and having listened to the first couple of tracks a few times, I listened to Talmadge's UD Conditioning and the Keyword installation back-to-back. I have never gone so deeply into hypnosis in my life. At first I was impatient because other hypnotists seems to focus on faster inductions, but after realizing that if I just allow myself to let go and let my subconscious mind do the "work", achieving deep relaxation was much easier. I did seem to respond well to the keyword trigger practices, although it was a little distracting that the wording was different during parts of the reinforcement. It still worked well, however, and I didn't realize just how well untill the track continued and the stepping-down process began - Moses


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I am so glad I happened upon your site and so you are able to produce these products. I have purchased some basic products, but really look forward to the advanced products. I wanted to ask you about the Alien Erotica download. I was sceptical but thought I would give it a try, and by the third night, wow, just WOW! I considered, could it just be a coincidence I happened to dream of this Alien Erotica experience, you know just cause it was on my mind, but No Way, it's not a fluke. I have never in my life had a dream with such intense sensations and when I woke up after, I noticed my heart really pounding and incredibly hard like never before. Wonderful, sensual, very wonderful and beautiful experience. Mark E.




Totally out of it this morning from the insomnia. So I listened to AlienAstral lying on the couch, unlike the usual subliminals that I have on while doing something else. I used the BlueSnowflake trigger twice, just to relax some more. It didn’t take long for the mental images to start. A very well-built Andorian-like woman (from Star Trek) kept appearing in my mind, and then a room like her quarters on some alien world. It got very sexual very fast, with a whole mood like I was some kind of pet. After I “saw” her rip my clothes off and throw me onto her bed, it got even more alien-like. Tentacles came out from around her vagina, wrapping around me and pulling me inside so that I couldn’t get myself out. She spit some kind of resin over my wrists, locking them to the bed. Even her nipples sprouted tentacles and became tiny orifices, which grabbed hold and sucked at my own. The visuals were very vivid, and the feelings were like a 9, almost utterly realistic, but fully in my physical body, though. And I heard this alien voice saying My human and making other sounds, which flashed into real hearing at least twice. I was the verge of orgasm twice during this as well. At times during this, another alien head flashed into my actual vision. So did several symbols, like some alien language, and not of the kind that I’ve seen before. I also saw myself opening a door into a room of a real-world house, which seemed to be empty of furniture but had many things on the floor. None of those lasted for long. After that, the alien in the mental imagery got more alien. More reptilian. At one point, she left, and others came in, one by one, each more alien and less human than the last. It was like they were considering me, trying me out, and then moving on for the next to take its place. I came out of it maybe about 40 minutes into the file, which is absolutely great, by the way. It definitely gets added into my daily subliminal rotation. (EDIT: Though I haven't managed it yet so far!) Noticed a real difference, by the way, in my sex life with my wife since I started listening to the Pheromone files on a regular basis. Thank you, Talmdage! -Declan


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Feedback / Update: Listening to UD 3.0 and Inner Genius on a playlist before sleep, some mornings upon waking I notice the headphones are no longer on my ears, and I haven't been able to listen to the mp3's night after night. Despite the above, I've noticed a change in my disposition and thinking (likely related to the Inner Genius mp3). I've grown somewhat impatient due to being able to tell the point that someone's trying to make - before they make it. I've become more prone to asking questions, more assertive, less reserved. I can grasp concepts quicker, and overall feel like my mental processing speed has increased. It's like a continuous intellectual high. On nights where I was unable to listen to either mp3, I do feel slightly disadvantaged and slower. Hoping to start this week off correctly with nightly listening for 3 weeks.

- DL



I've just finished using the Inner Genius Subliminal, and it has worked as advertised. I don't get nearly as overwhelmed anymore by masses of information that I have to use (ex. Taxes and Bank info) I find that I am becoming more and more able to build useful mental structures and allow everything to fall into place. And that's for big things (to me). Most stuff just makes sense instantly and I'm used to that by now.  I'm also noticing my memory is better. There have been many times where I could recall a phone number or street address based on a feeling. I'm also a master at remembering driving directions. My favorite part of all is that my personal evolution has accelerated because I can figure things out much more quickly. I have lots of epiphanies.

- Joseph M.



Quick testimonial on the subliminal genius session. I found it very helpful in that I'm reading deeper, and easier. I'm also finding that my mind is able to solve puzzles faster, as I've improved my ability to do Kakuro puzzles at much faster rates consistently! I add it back in every couple of weeks since my first 3 weeks, and I'm not sure if there's a boost, but I'm certainly more focused.

-Dr. Edward S.



I have been faithfully listening the the photographic memory and inner genius subliminals. As with anything of this nature, it's hard to give quantitative data. I do have some anecdotal evidence of the results though. I'm taking Medical Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Statistics online right now. It seems that I'm picking up on definitions and concepts more quickly. I've had a few "ah hah!" moments. I've been stumped on a few papers/concepts, turned on the inner genius mp3, and then everything started to make sense. Again, not really scientific evidence. But I attribute it to the mp3s, and I'm very grateful for that. -Ben



The genius track is going OK but I haven't really given it a proper go yet, just a few listens. I was a little hesitant at first because the last thing I need is to use my brain more. I think waaay to much and tend to burn myself out. However, curiosity got the better of me and I gave it a go. The result was really cool! The ceaseless internal monologue finally shut up for a change and I was able to focus clearly and calmly on the task at hand. I actually switched off all the superfluous mind chatter that burns energy and was much more focused on the task at hand and relaxed. Nice one! I also noticed that the way I spoke to people changed, conversations seemed to flow more effortlessly and my vocabulary was more varied. It seems that the Genious Mp3 took away all the unnecessary tension and stress and allowed the important stuff to just flow. I'll listen to the Mp3 more regularly when I know I can get in a least 10 days in a row. I also lent my ipod to mum one day and she gave it a listen. She'd been dreading doing her tax for ages. After listening to the genius track and getting in the zone she plowed right through a few years worth of bookkeeping and was pleased and even astounded with herself :) -Lucas C.




Inner Genius - This I probably listen to the least, but I have noticed that I think a little more clearly on the spot and I'm better at critical thinking. When I'm at clinical, the person I'm with will usually ask my random questions about what I'd do for this patient or that patient, what would I do in an forth and so on, you know. And I used to get really nervous to the point I'd blank out and say something stupid. Now I'm easily able to think through stuff and give the best answer I can, right or wrong. I also did awesome in my interview two weeks ago, and that was with all the Respiratory Directors of the four Main Line health hospitals all at the same time! I was super nervous, but as soon as I sat down and got myself together, things where just coming out of my mouth perfectly. - Ja-Neil




Hey Talmadge, Just letting you know this genius product is amazing, got some really good feedback for you and about whats been happening, The other day I was purchasing a condo (unit) In Thailand. When we were sitting down to sign all the papers I felt this wired feeling in my head where I felt everything slowed down and I had time to think everything clear, you wont believe this but when I opened my mouth, said few words, I felt like I knew exactly what to say, how to act to get a good response and another discount AGAIN. I made the girl think, she went back to talk to her "manager", when she was back, there I was saving my self a few more grand. I like it what ever it is, its definitely having an effect in what I do and in my day to day life. -John




Hey there!!!, So I've been listening to your latest hypnosis track ( unlock inner genius ), and it's REALLY great. I've noticed sudden changes to what I allow myself to say in public. I feel like I'm accepted when I speak, like what I say is actually valuable. For real! I even scored a date with someone my impressing him with my ideas ! No joke! oh yeah, and this is just the beginning! Are you speaking to me through the white noise? because I feel like I was consciously trying to understand what you were sayingbut ultimately I gave up and did nothing at all, at one point I might have heard singing (in my head) but you said it's supposed to make you a genius right? I don't necessarily believe I'm becoming more of a genius, but it's certainly allowing me to feel free-er from my own mindblocks and say what I feelwhich in turn makes me a genius, cuz I really am This recording also changed my perceptions of what a genius is. because being smart doesn't ONLY mean one can collect information and connect it in a new interesting fashion, you also have to have real passion in whatever it is you do. the space in our brain will always be spacious, not full of logic or proofs or whatever, but total black space -Mel




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After using the healthy body subliminal on and off, I decided to make it a part of my playlist at night and make it a habit to listen every night. It's been more than 2 weeks straight now and there are several things that have noticeably improved. First of all I eat smaller portions, not because I chose to, but because I fill up a lot faster now. My appetite has gone way down, I hardly feel hungry during the day, despite eating a lot less. I really feel the desire to exercise and more imporrtantly I actually do it regularly. My face and stomach have noticeably slimmed down in only two weekks, people around me noticed this as well. This really feels effortless, since I haven't changed the things I eat and drink. I still ate burgers, fries and drank soft drinks in these last weeks, yet everything in moderation simply because I crave it less. -John V.




Your perfect body subliminal mp3 works too well... I have been sleeping super early (10-11) these few days rather than my usual 4-5 am and I have been wondering why. I just recognize that one of the reason for my weight is due to not enough sleep and now I'm unconsciously forced to sleep early as my body screams to get back to normal... I downloaded all the mp3 for virtual world onto my iPod, but haven had the time to start listening. I'm right now on 4 dose of subliminal tracks daily. 1. Perfect body 2. Inner genius 3. Midas Touch 4. Pheromone Played once shot a day, continuing the 4 hours of track whenever I'm free. I rank it in the order of importance (to me), so if sometime I do not have enough time, I don't even get to hear the pheromone track Anyway, I wanted to promote your product now. So if you are able to give me an affiliate link right now... Or direct me to your affiliate center. That will be great. I hope your system are able to provide me with an affiliate link directly to your product. I.e I can code my affiliate link to directly link to your perfect body track product page. Samuel C




Healthy body - Like I said, I dont think I've listened to this all the way through like I should be because of my earphones, and definitely not 5 times in a row, but everyday I try to affirm what I think I healthy body is. And I'll tell you, although it hasn't really curved appetite, or had me eating super healthy, it has me WANTING to. I'm just so stressed with school and getting ready to take my boards that I just ignore it. But I feel horrible after I eat something bad, and I can really FEEL in my body that I've eaten something that wasn't contributing to my overall health. And when I do eat something junky or carby, I just start doing tons of squats and lunges, jumping rope. I was standing in line at Fresh Grocer doing knee lifts haha. Its so funny. So I know once I get time to chill, really write down what I want to see from my body, and have time to make more healthy choices, that I'll really see a difference. But I have seen a huge decrease in back fat. Not that I had a lot, but it was soething that always bothered me, and now all my bras are much loser and lay smoothly on my back which I love. I actually need new ones. - Ja-Neil




Hi Talmadge, Another question regarding the Healthy body mp3. Are the subliminals repeated over and over for the whole track or do they evolve and follow a progression as time goes on? You mentioned that you need to listen to the track every day for 10 days. Is it important to listen to the whole thing in one go or could you do half an hour in the morning and half in the evening? Would it be detrimental if you only got 30mins of listening one day? Following your directions below I have written down that... Healthy Body = amazing digestion, a healthy weight, powerful centered energy, strong relaxed muscles and a glowing youthful vitality. Does that sound appropriate? I've been listening to the track for about 5 days. A few things Ive noticed so far- I'm definitely have more of a glow and many people have commented on it. I seem to be more relaxed and peaceful too :) Thanks Lucas


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I have also been listening to astral romance and the third eye, I have experienced a round circle of bright lights in the middle and would expand outward getting bigger and bigger then that would repeat itself several times, I hope some of these experiences help you, I will Start using my journal and taking more notes Thanks

David L.




today i used the astral love mp3's consecutively in the order you had recommended i did not end up using the 7th mp3{speaking with love ones} (this was a very very long session but worth it) i have been a bit depressed recently and i now feel a true happiness that i haven't felt in a good amount of time and this is a personal thank you to you Talmadge and Cryptoparanormal. on the 2nd mp3(third eye done) she told me to forgive myself and it almost felt like a tug'o war and it felt as if my soul lightened by and incomprehensible and a true happiness washed over me although i don't think i astral traveled i did have very vivid imagery and i could actual feel like i was floating at sea then landing on the beach(this part of the imagery change and i couldn't hear the mp3 and i opened my eyes(in my mind) and there was a beautiful woman almost angelic kneeling over me and she had a concerned look on her face she proceeded to lean down and kiss me and i blacked out(i find that somewhat humorous) and later i "woke up" from the black out and i was lying in a bed in a house and she was sitting in a chair next to the bed ant which point i said hey there and she look relieved and i sat up ( then it was a little fuzzy here) but we proceeded down the stairs to the beach( it was about 5:00 - 6:00 AM and the sun was rising) and i lye'ed down on the warm sand and i asked why the sand was so warm she told me that it is special and it is always the same warm temperature and that it didn't matter if it was a hot sunny afternoon or a cool night she lye'ed next to me and we watched the sun rise a bit and our hands bumped into each other we both quickly made a little distance i took a quick glance and realize she was thinking and feeling the same and we slowly interlocked our hands and fingers ( it sounds cheesy but it was nice) and we continued to watch the sun rise at that point i heard Cryptoparanormal again. we stood up and she gave me a soft hug and i told her i had to go and hugged her back for what felt like 10minuets but was 10 seconds and i awoke as the 6th mp3 ended and i was extremely thirsty and more happy and peaceful than i have been in a long time. again i do not think i astral traveled but i could be wrong. i think i wont be using these mp3's too often because it takes up a bit more time than i would be able to fit in on a regular basis but i cannot thank you enough and again i'am astonished by your products.

- Tyler


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Hi, I just want to say that your MP3s are amazing! As both a hypnotist & a psychic myself; I have never experienced inductions & subliminals this effective. I already do get out of body, but these MP3s are streamlining the process for me. Also, I would like to recommend subliminals related to psychokinesis. This is something that I & many of my friends practice successfully, but I think your subliminals could definitely help with releasing mental blocks. Anyway, I will be purchasing many more of your MP3s & passing the word on! Thanks for producing such a great product:) P.S. you can call or e-mail; either is fine:) - Reis M.




Damn this file worked. Went into the deep relaxation. After the file finished. I contented to relax and after maybe 15 minutes. I felt the vibrations and separated from my body. Astral sight was weak and hardly saw anything. I tried leaving my bedroom, but it's daylight and it overwhelmed my eyes. I finallly floated around the room and returned to my body. -Bernard S.


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Hi Talmadge! Thanks for the email!!! We keep listening and very much enjoying the MP3s! The UD, Rejuvenation Lake MP3 (Lake Ambrosia) and Health Body Subliminals are definitely working! Can say that now with 100% certainty. I've been using Lake Ambrosia & Health Body for about 2 months. With each listening the vibration and tuning gets better and better. Each listening of the Health Body MP3 it is as if the Body is in a different, improved shape... hard to explain, but certainly happening. I'm very happy with the results. With the Rejuvenation and UD I've been able to develop a "benchmark" for relaxation and concentration that can be used for checking my state throughout the day. It's easier now to detect any signs of tension and gradually developing the skills to keep face and body relaxed. As a result my skin is looking younger, I am feeling more energetic, calm and with better breathing. Gym work outs becoming more effective. The body is looking better as well! A few MP3s mention the trigger phase/word. Is that achived by listening to the "NewKeyWords" track? I haven't done that yet... Will keep you posted of further results. Regards Raimundo




It was more than three months since you gave me healing mp3 track. In the beginning, it was hard to visualize some thing, but this is my problem. As you remember, I suffered a serious operation, after which the idea to test your track. I can say that I did not have much hope for immediate therapeutic effect, which would work as yours, the famous orgasm mp3, and I started to forget about it until one fine morning, I realized that I had stopped smoking. It happened suddenly and irrevocably. Until then, I quit smoking in 2008, did not smoke, then broke and in January 2011 again began to smoke. Smoked a lot, I thought I could stop but i drowning deeply and deeply . Of course, in my subconscious I wanted to quit because I felt like it kills me. My first statement - MP3 healing helped me find the strength and quit. That's right, I am responsible for my words. Yes, I am no longer tolerate cigarette smoke irritates me is terrible, but again I feel a sense of superiority to the smokers. The second statement - surprised me even more. Usually, and certainly, I had the flu each fall and spring. Suffered from heavy, with temperature and etc. Tal, I'm not sick or in the autumn 2011 and spring 2012 !! Yes, it was the beginning of flu, but it took 1-2 days. Not the usual 7-10 days! That's awesome ! So, sorry me been so lazy ,cause so many work was around and family trips, so forgive me again . If you need me write more open letter, i can try , but this is a pure pulp of my thoughts. Cheerz . Alex B, ( updates)




Hello my magic friend. So, 1 month since my surgery and little less after I ve listening your mp3. Doctors says everything going in best way,stiches looking perfect and etc. Also, I've still do not smoking at all. I'm happy like idiot. Thank you again. Something abnormal happening when I listening your mp3 ;) Btw , Alex, the famous shy guy from my work, asking your permission to listen your mp3. Can I share it with him ? Thanx. Alex.




Hi Talmadge, You won't believe this (or, you will but most people wouldn't) but my skin is *already* the clearest it has been in MONTHS! I listened to your hypnosis recording for the first time three days ago, and that time I listened really carefully. I then listened to it once/day the next day and yesterday, but I fell asleep during it both times. I thought it might not work because of that, but I woke up today and my skin is gorgeous. :-) I'm definitely going to keep using it. I can't believe it worked so fast, and worked even though I fell asleep during it!! Kimberly




I felt warm when I was listening to it, do people say this; When I finished listening to it , it seems things were physically clearer: -Pat




wow when you said that the limitless healing mp3 would rock my world you were not joking after i woke up i felt the best i have ever felt, i felt like i had been given a shot of morphine and then a shot of adrenaline i felt like superman 10 time over and i could do anything, only 1 word sums this up INCREDIBLE!!! thank you so much T Wolf


Midas Touch and Passion Purpose and Peace



The Midas mp3 is very powerful, I tried it and gave great effects; I started the program with the Silent Touch of Dawn Version, but then I realized that the White Noise version was much better, because I managed to combine it with Vipassana meditation. That way I had Midas effect but also less anxiety and more focus on work and study. Things began to change around the 22nd consecutive day of listening, as I lost a job I was doing for about one year, but the next day I found an even better one, and by the 30th day I already had at least 3 good work projects. I really  commend White Noise, because listening at the same audio everyday can be hard. I can only thank Talmadge for this great mp3, I suggest that you give it a try, not only for the wealth effect, but also to find some relaxation and release everyday stress.

- Elena N. 



The Midas Touch has been great for me as well. I went from having to borrow the money to pay for the mp3 to now being financially free. Next step is to start building substantial wealth.      Thanks for everything Bro!!! Prosperously Yours, Jeff L. ( update )



( Note from Talmage: The client does not speak english as a first language, hence the spelling mistakes. I did not correct them because I believe in preserving the authenticity of all testimonials. I do not edit any testimonials ) My name is Antonio Young I have two of your disks. Relaxation n madis touch. First let me say this shit is crazy. The relaxation one like if you mediate its a state you go in right before you fall asleep you go to. This help you with your negative thoughts which keep you from relaxing. Sorry for the bad words I'm to excited about this shit. From money ppl owed me, new job offer out of no where I work there now, my company's stuff is happening on time, etc.. See ppl need to realize with madis touch is that success isn't money. The first stage of success is realizing you have a worthy idea that can bring forward money. Every successful person wasn't successful intill the idea came first. So with that in mind I opened up a biz that will be hitting the web on the 12th of this month. You are a master mind. But I can't wait to try something else if I could get over these two mp3's. Talmadge one day I wanna be your student then I can be the man like you. - Antonio




ok I been doing the king madis one. See I meditate a lot so its easy to relax for me. But I must say this king madis got this real positive feeling. By me being in tuned with the inner world already I feel vibration. So the same feel I get when I have large sums of money I feel afterwards. Plus ppl are already doing favor and acting weirdly nicer. I can tell I feel their vibration I don't think its the same them vibe way different. What parallel reality is this cause I love it. Later in a week or so. - Marcus Young




Midas Wealth, i have many people doing me favors and having random acts of kindness bestowed upon me. I, in turn, give back but find the more i do the more i get. Such success i might even buy your explosive muscle mass file, how does it work? You program it into your mind like the time distortion then your body just starts creating muscle when listening? - Anthony S.




Midas Touch: I started listening to this for a week when financially things were stuck. The idea of getting unexpected cheque in the mail was farfetched, yet I received a cheque that week to my surprise . Also I got two new clients from thin air the same week. This stuff works!. - Bret


Hi Talmadge, You don't have to post this but I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and give you some latest updates and ask for any advice you can share with me. Midas Touch, really cool Schumann frequency, received small cash award from work and bought my ticket to Colombia! remember the old saying if you see change in the form of pennies and nickles and dimes on the ground heads up that it is a little blessings? Well been seeing more "change" as of late :) Ultra Depth Relaxation: Lots of "chakra" movement. I also have been experiencing some intense head pressure, nothing painful but it is as if my subconscious is starting to open up and take note of my inner dialogue. I also after listening the past just recently I feel alot of warming sensations in my lower legs and then it subsides, kind of like it comes and goes (nothing major). Sleep has gotten alot better for me as well. I ask for certain things that need clearing up so to speak. So maybe it a form of communication. I had a Skype lesson from my private teacher on the clarinet and the professor told me that not only was the lesson one of the best so far but that I have improved dramatically within the last year and half :) People at work also have been more social and positive with me. - Carmelo




Man, these two programs are the shit! Everything I visualize, project, and affirm happens within 24-48 hours. People are giving me money. No more baby moma drama. Business is a breeze...everyone wants to work with me. This is way too fucking cool! Thanks again bro...I'm looking forward to taking your healing course in the spring after I master these 2 courses. - Jeff L ( Update )




Hey Talmadge, how's it going Bro? All is well on my end. The Midas Touch audio is phenomenal. It's helped me identify and eliminate the psychological blockages I had regarding money and wealth creation. I still have a way to go but I am definitely on the right track. Life just seems so easy now. Even though I haven't yet gotten any major lump sums of cash,(although I have been told by a couple sources that lump sums will be coming soon) I haven't wanted for anything since after the 1st time I listened to your audio. I can see everything lining up for me now. It's like life is playing out in slow motion for me. I am the happiest that I have ever been. I am now in total control of my life. Thank you... - Jeff L. ( update )




Talmadge, I went through my 1st session of the Midas Touch last night. I woke up this morning feeling great. My thinking is so clear and I feel so much more focused. Everything seems easy now. Looking forward to seeing how this translates into $$$. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!!! - Jeff L




Trust me though I believe this is something worth doing and good news with the midas wealth I won a 2 dollar scratch off and won 50 dollars off it. You know what I plan to do with that 50 dollars? Sometime this week I will buy the hypnosis course. I think I will get my moneys worth. Anthony S.




Midas Touch - so i have this, the healthy body, and inner genius all in my bedtime playlist on itunes. This is the first song, so I know I listen to it all the way through before my earphones start to agitate me and I wake up. It wasn't until recently that I started to put two and two together, but I have gotten SO MUCH random money, and I mean upwards of $3000, that was seriously coincidentally right on time, you know. I never had enough to like splurge on anything (or schedule my hypnosis session lol), but I was always able to pay my bills, get my car fixed and whatnot, gas money that I needed, food money. I mean my gmom was just randomly sending me checks, my father who hates to part with his dough would randomly call me ask if I wanted money. My mother would just hand me 20's or buy me some food for the week. It was nuts! My needs where really getting met, and I think I really have this hypnosis track, as well as God, to thank. I've just felt really blessed. I also won two contests on youtube and I NEVER win contests lol.As hard as these past few months have been wrapping school up, I'd be selfish to say I haven't been blessed. Between this, trying to deepen myself spiritually, and positive thinking...I've really seen a difference in my life. Oh and I just got a job at Bryn Mawr hospital. YAY! - JaNeil




Journey concert tickets, more job interview, small amounts of money $1-10, energy drinks for the gym, free transportation, a book, people are nicer to me This is all new to me and is kinda uncomfortable but I like it, I like it alot.

-Aldryn McAuslen

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Good evening, Mr. Harper. I have recently obtained your Wealth Vibration, and it is still too early to tell if it is fully effective, I must tell you my results, thus far. I have been using it off-and-on, and today I went to a casino that is about an hour away from where I live. I have gone to this casino maybe 20 or 30 times the past 5 years, and more often than not, I lose every dollar a bring with me. But today, I was hitting every slot machine I played, and got a Black Jack at the dealers table, 2x in a row. Now mind you, this NEVER happens to me. I don't have the greatest luck at this particular casino at all. I also hit a major jackpot and won $245.00 on just one quarter and walked away with over $400 in total winnings, PLUS the money I originally brought in I don't know if this is just a stark coincidence, but like I said, this never happens to me and just happened to be after I started listening to Wealth Vibration I look forward to further experimenting

Mark E.




I got the Wealth Vibration subliminals product from Talmadge after a very discouraging conversation with my boss, during which it became apparent that my (financial and professional) progression at my company was blocked. The product is very easy to use - I played it as I fell asleep each night. Unexpectedly, I found that listening to it helped me sleep more deeply and restfully. During this time, I was looking for new employment. I noticed a change in my perception over the first couple of weeks. I became increasingly far-sighted in how I thought about money. I stopped feeling as though it was "greedy" to want to be prosperous, and instead started feeling as though wanting to feel financially successful is natural and healthy. I also started thinking about job opportunities differently - I increasingly assessed potential for growth. Lastly, I also started to embrace a vision of myself as a wealthy entrepreneur. To my astonishment, after a couple of months of listening to the recording at night, a fantastic opportunity literally just popped up in my in-box. A company I hadn't previously known about reached out to me. I'm now making much more than I did at my last employer, very much enjoying the work, and really feel like the sky is the limit for my career. Incidentally, although I started listening to the Wealth Vibration for my own financial development, my husband could hear it too, while he fell asleep next to me. During this time, he also found a really fantastic new professional opportunity that pays a lot better than what he was doing before. We're both really thankful for the product!

Love, Kim B.




Wednesday Last night I finished 21 days of consistent listening to The Midas Touch recording, on repeat at night, and The Wealth Vibration in the morning. For the first week, or week and a half, I had some confusion, and did some experimenting, putting the Wealth Vibration in the rotation with The Midas Touch as I slept. For the last week, I finally settled on listening solely to The Midas Touch at night, on repeat with headphones, and Wealth Vibration in the morning, once with headphones while at my computer, checking emails and the news and such, and then through my speakers for as long as I was at home. Both my headphones and speakers are high end, so there was no issue with inferior sound quality. And, as suggested, I have kept a daily journal of my impressions related to these recordings. Overall, I have noticed a change in my predominant attitudes. There is a tendency toward positive thinking in my psyche now, and recognizing when I begin to slide into negative thought patterns. I catch those, and become determined to change them directly. I also have a tendency towards action now, recognizing behaviors that undermine my success, and have been weeding them out. There has also been a shift, it seems in the perception of me by others. Strangers are more friendly. Random people strike up conversations with me. Co-workers look to me for guidance. A lot of this I attribute also to a change in my attitude. I have noticed that I tend to carry a more open and inviting countenance. My posture has improved. I have a sense of confidence in my abilities and I think it shows. I found myself practicing various expressions in the mirror, noting them and placing them in my muscle memory, so I could “wear” them at proper times. I wonder how long I went around in public wearing a frown or closed body language, and then was put off by people putting me off. Another notable change is a tendency toward action now. When something needs to be done, I roll up my sleeves and do it. I've been recalling old talents I'd thought forgotten. I have an ability to write, and I'm only one great novel away from surpassing all my financial goals. Though statistically, I've about as much chance of that as winning the lottery, I've got the idea that you can't win if you don't buy a ticket. And it's something I can do in my down time. Some ideas for stories and novels have popped into my head seemingly at random, and I've started doing some creative writing exercises in my spare time, to stretch my creative muscles that I've allowed to atrophy. I've also been considering ways to translate my current career into a better one. I'm a fine dining waiter, but in the end it's sales and service. I know some car dealers who've told me I'd be great in their field, and that's another thing that would translate into more money in a physical career. It's also something I'd be better able to maintain as I get older. Though I haven't reached the stage of changing jobs, it's given me a great deal to consider. Perhaps I would be making such a move, but my circumstances at this time are a bit unusual. My family is selling the house that I live in, so I need to move in the next couple of months, and I haven't considered at all moving to another place in my current city, but rather moving back east, where my heart and soul are. I've found that my friends there still love me, and have offered a great deal of help and support for the coming move. Lastly, there have been some improvements in my financial environment quite outside anything that I could control. The GM where I work is a snake. For years he has eroded the morale in my workplace through lies, deceit, pettiness and nepotism, providing favors for his friends at the expense of the other servers and punishing those who spoke out against them by scheduling them in “bad” sections, not seating them tables, etc. He's also let one of his favorite pets have her way around the restaurant, letting her steal lucrative tables from other servers, schedule herself into lucrative private parties, etc. During the time I was listening to these sessions, he came under investigation by the Gaming Commission for accepting monetary favors from high-end players (the restaurant I work in is in a casino) and was placed on administrative leave. And, at the same time, his favorite pet put in her notice to quit. Her last night was last night. His absence has had an immediate effect on my daily income, which has nearly doubled. Also, recognizing that this might be a permanent situation, I made a conscious effort to perform at the top of my game, and kept a very positive attitude, as the interim manager, who may very well become our permanent manager, observed everyone's abilities and made up his own mind about our performances, and has let me know that he's flagged me as one of his “go-to” people. Perhaps these events have nothing to do with the recordings, but my attitude, and ability to recognize the opportunity in these circumstances, I think, are very directly related to these sessions. So all in all I've had very positive results from these recordings. If there's a con, it's that I didn't win the lottery. But it's not magic, it's psyche. I notice now when lucky things happen to me, and am consciously grateful for them. These are things that happened all the time, but I notice them now, and once I started noticing them, and being grateful for them, I found I notice them more often. Eventually, noticing all these “lucky” things, the idea has gotten fully ingrained in my head that, “Hey, I'm a lucky guy! Lucky things happen to me all the time.” The changes are those that come from within. That pretty much sums it up. If I have any complaints, it's inconsistencies in the website and instructions that can lead to confusion. The reason that this journal entry seems like a complete review, is that in the product description the directions say to listen for 3 weeks. Then I noticed on the download page, you recommend listening for at least 30 days to up to 60. I've decided then to keep listening, since I haven't seen a complete turnaround in my financial situation. Another inconsistency: I emailed to ask whether headphones were required. I thought I'd sent it to the wrong address, so you ended up getting an email from both my gmail and yahoo email accounts. In one, you told me headphones were required, and in the other you told me high end speakers would be acceptable. At any rate, in my previous experiences with binaural audio, I've always been told to use headphones, so I've continued to do so. And spellcheck would do wonders for you on the website. The endemic spelling errors throughout the product descriptions just don't inspire a lot of confidence. Nevertheless, the results, even if they never exceed what I've experienced already, are worth the price I paid for the recordings. ******( Note from Talmadge: The suggestions this client made were gladly accepted and implemented immediately )************ And if I'm put off by the inconsistencies, it's because I really want the program to succeed, and so I'm looking for very specific and direct instructions on their use. 60 days seems a long time, but mostly because there are other recordings that I want to try out. But I will not mix the subliminals, as you have instructed. And so to finish, I'd just like to say thank you for making these products available. May all be well with you.





Hey Talmadge First i want to thank you for a great track on wealth vibration and i want to give you a great testimonial; The first week of listening to the track i got a big contract deal out of the blue at work which made me over 2000 , and the follow up week i had my pay raised up 20%. At first i couldn't believe it, then i realised it isn't the first time your product has worked to its great potential. It has changed the way i view money, making money and spending it. Your great Talmadge. Thank you Now Talmadge i want to ask you about the customized work mp3. I'm learning allot of NLP and i want to master all of it and use it in my day to day life. I will purchase the product and I want a track to make me become: - a master of hypnotic language and embedded commands - a master of NLP - a confident master therapist and coach - excellent communicator and mastery of persuasion and language Is this possible and would it work? And how long will it take you to make a track for me?

Thank you -John A.




Things are good here. I have been listening to your Wealth Vibration recording every night, and have a couple of job leads I am pursuing. Things are moving. :-) Mike is good, too - he also has had some interesting job leads come up, even though he wasn't looking, and I've wondered whether it was because I listen to Wealth Vibration at night as I'm falling asleep, when he's right next to me. He probably hears it, too. This is a reason for me not to listen to any breast augmentation tracks where Mike can hear them. :-)

- Kimberly




Hello Talmadge, Thank you for your prompt response. I started the wealth vibration about 2 weeks ago. Although there hasn't been any major changes, I have come into more money since then. I got some freelance work but I also got some money left over from financial aid for living expenses. A check for several thousand and another one that is coming in a few months. I suppose a skeptic would say that the money was coming anyway but it's the first time it's happened to me. Not enough to prove it works but it doesn't hurt the case either. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. I'm mostly hoping for new creative ideas and noticing ways I think about wealth shifting so I've been paying attention to that as well. I need to develop a stream of income that will support me as a single bachelor. It's been difficult so far because I go to school full time but I know that if I change my thinking and maybe get a bit more focus, I can make it happen. I hope that helps to answer your question but I can address any specific questions you may have for me as well.





Hi Talmagde, I'v only been using your wealth vibration subliminal for three days now and crazy things has allready happened. First I had a visit from my mother and she bought me a new pair of shoes and a 160GB ipod (and she NEVER buys me anything!!) Then I won a lottery, which I never do! It was a small winning, but still! Third I seem to get discounts everywhere I go and I just got of the phone with a friend of mine offering me a small work contract! This is awesome!! I can't wait until day 30 :-) Thanks!!



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Hey Talmadge Just wanted to give ya a quick update, and let you know whats going on. So I've been doing the NewUltraDepthRelaxation mp3 in the mornings, sometimes later if I don't get the chance, and the SchumannNewMuscles at night before bed. My body seems to be responding fairly well right now, and this is only the beginning! So with the NewUltraDepthRelaxation, and SchumannNewMuscles what I haven been experiencing is of course extreme relaxation, but also going SUPER deep. Almost to the point where I catch myself fading out, but then I quickly catch it and bring myself back to being alert. When I do bring myself back to alert I still have that sensation of being deep. Tingling sensations usually follow along with this. This cycle continues a few times toward the middle/end then I find myself staying alert. Is there anything that I need to fix with this process? When would be the time to move onto the Keyword installation? If this is already having an impact when I get to the computer console... WHOA! Thanks.

-Mark P.



Just wanted to say that when i ordered the explosive muscle mass i was very pleased with how much was in it. I listened to the mp3s just to get comfortable with them and i cant wait to be able to effectively use them. This has everything in it and i am excited to start the program! I will take however long is needed go into deep trance even though i used the UD'S before but never really stuck to them so i never actually attained the ability to go into a deep trance but can already tell im going to enjoy this very much. Thank you.

- Anthony S.




Hi there Talmadge, Firstly, I purchased your Explosive Muscle Mass set and I must say I am very pleased with it. I have been steadily working through the mp3's and am thoroughly enjoying going into very deep trance. I've had experience with hypnosis before but never have I been as deep as I have with your sessions! Fantastic, my friend!!

-Greg K.




Hey Talmadge, So I just had to email and let you know about my progress. With regards to the music project- I have found that just the act of visualizing myself playing better and writing down what traits that I want to have as a musician everyday seems to improve every practice session , this gives me hope moving forward that a full blown hypnosis session can work magical wonders! But my update is actually regarding the muscle mass mp3. I used the Muscle mass mp3 maybe twice in the past 15 days. During each time I could actually feel cells grow when I was in that deep state of relaxation... but I never really thought much about it given that I didn't really see a huge noticeable difference.... to be honest I kinda grew a bit frustrated with myself. Also because of my rigorous school schedule I havent had time to even go to the gym very frequently. Ive been slacking off and eating taco bell almost every other day (definitely not the greatest choice for someone aspiring to have a great body). Anywho... so I go to the gym today and decide to workout chest because I thought it would be a great way to get back into my old routine. I find that if I don't keep up my routine I tend to lose a lot of my gains and as a result regress in my progress. So I get down on the bench and im trying to determine my 1 rep max so that I can see how much wait to put on this workout... I figure I should go low so I start with like 20 lbs less than what I benched two weeks ago and started to build up. So I bench this weight kinda effortlessly and decide to push it up a bit. Sooner or later I get to my 1 rep max- its 30 lbs more than it was two weeks ago!! I was SHOCKED! This is the first time that I have actually had tangible evidence that something hypnotic has actually manifested into reality. I listened to this mp3 twice and it increased my bench by 30 lbs in two weeks - The ironic thing is that my current workout is supposed to increase your bench press by 50lbs in 2 months!! If I can actually keep a 15lb/week gain rate I can finally reach my goal of benching 250lbs in a few weeks! Ever since highschool I was one of the smaller kids and was made fun of a lot. My first bench press was a whopping 55 lbs and 4 years later ive gotten to about ~100 lbs. Today I benched 135 lbs. This experience not only made me optimistic about my future, but relieved me of all of my pent up frustration in the past. I have this new found confidence in myself and my abilities again - for this I cannot even begin to thank you. Thank you so much for everything, I hope to keep you posted with even crazier updates in the future :).

-Arthur L.




Oh yes! Friends are even starting to notice the difference in my body and making comments. It seems that everything is so wonderfully linked. The deeper I get, the more fuel it throws on the workout fire, so to speak. I can never imagine how it can possibly get better, but every time you say that, it DOES! It is truly an amazing thing unlocking what's deep inside and letting it out!

- Jim ( fourth update )



03/08/2012 J

ust a quick note to you to say tomorrow I will have one week of my new workout routine under my belt, and using your console and warehouse mp3s have helped me make amazing strides I didn't see at this point after the first week of the last program I did. The warehouse mp3 is helping me to set aside reservations and fears I wasn't even aware were there until I get into that ultra deep state. The first console mp3 has really helped me to nail down the image of myself that I want, and it is so vivid. I can see it coming to the surface after each workout. When I listen to that particular mp3, I know I get so very, very deep and the feelings and rewards being there are absolutely mind-blowing! It's so incredibly liberating! I just keep going deeper and deeper. I just don't think there is a depth that is deep enough or too deep. Coming out of that place I feel so alive, pumped and ready to accept what the ultra depth hypnotic state has to introduce me to next.

~ Jim ( third update using computer console included in package )




Talmadge ~ You told me in your last email that I would completely understand what you meant after I listened to the warehouse mp3. I DO completely understand! I'm not one for swearing, but after I woke up, the only words that crossed my lips were, "Holy F*CK!" LOL! I see now why you had me listen to what I listened to in preparation for the warehouse mp3. The "boxes of my life warehouse" was wall after wall of shelves with cubby holes. (Ever seen Raiders of the Lost Ark? Remember the ending when the camera pans away from the worker wheeling a box down an aisle, and it's a huge warehouse full of boxes? That's what my warehouse was like, only it was countless aisles of shelves with cubby holes.) Each hole had a cardboard box in it, and each box had a label card on the front identifying the particular issue or experience inside. I took a box down, looked inside, identified the contents, then closed the box and welded it shut so I could never open it again. I find it odd that I welded a cardboard box shut, but there it is! I put the welded box back on the shelf, and there was a lid that I could slide across the front of the cubby hole. Once I slid the lid across the opening, I used a padlock to secure the cubby hole. As I locked that lid, I could see it change from a lid or cover for the cubby hole into a part of the shelf unit itself, smooth and solid, as if there was never a cubby hole there in the first place and the padlock faded away, as well. Then, just to be doubly sure, I broke the key to the padlock in half and dropped it down what I could sense was a very deep, dark, bottomless hole, with no chance of ever seeing that key or being able to use it ever again. I then walked to the door of the warehouse, shut off the lights, and closed and locked the warehouse door behind me. I understand now why you say that this mp3 can be visited again and again. When you said there is nothing to be afraid of, I understand that as well. All those experiences in boxes aren't things to be frightened of and avoided. I can face them, identify them, lock them away and move on. AMAZING! It's left me with such a powerfully serene and empowered feeling. How can I say thank you in a way that conveys the depth and meaning of that statement? ~~~ Can/should I move on to one of trying the console mp3s? Do I need to use the warehouse mp3 more first, or can it be revisited/reused as needed or desired? It's wonderful and amazing to feel myself "unlocking" and awakening, if that makes sense. Thank you so much, Talmadge!

-Jim ( First update using warehouse mp3 included in package )




Hi Talmadge ~ I listened to the "keyword" mp3 yesterday after I downloaded it, before I went to bed last night, and just now. You said I was in for an amazing experience and you were not wrong. I have never, ever, ever been so deep before, and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful feelings I've ever felt. I can't describe it in words. Suffice to say that having never been this deep before, I love this place and love being there. It's liberating. It feels so expansive, like I'm joining part of something so much larger than myself, and I'm being welcomed to a new level of consciousness that is warm, inviting and very, very powerful. Letting go "to it" and letting it wash over me takes me to a place I've never been before. At times it feels like some wonderful force is gently pushing me down into my bed, making me so heavy and then my body simply does not exist anymore. It's like it's nothing more than your voice opening my mind on a such a deep level that nothing else around me matter or has bearing on me. The last two times I've listened, I've been very aware when I wake up of being very "aware" of my body all over. Everything seems so vivid and "alive", if that makes sense. You instructed in your previous email to listen to this one, then "warehouse" then the two "console" mp3s. One question I have is how long do/should I listen to "keyword" before moving on to warehouse, then on to the consoles? And how does/will the muscle mp3 I downloaded fit into this schedule? Am I being too analytical? Trying to establish a timeline where there doesn't need to be one yet? Any advice is most welcome! I'm loving what's been happening and I thank you so much. This is an incredible journey and I can't wait to see where it continues to go! How the hell did you learn to do this?! LOL

! ~ Jim


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This is the very first time I ever felt the need to write a 'testimonial' on one of your products (or any product for that matter). I have tried many other products during my quest to find something that works and I found that with 99% of them, I had extremely minimal results, at best. Now I have a learning disability and have been classifed as having extreme ADHD, which may have been a factor in my failures, to date. But on a lark, I purchased the Romantic Lucid Dreaming, and used it for about 2 weeks straight without seeing any results and thought 'Great, here we go again'. But last night I had a hard time sleeping and decided to give it another shot and man, am I glad I did! I had a dream I was at the grocery store and there was a gorgeous looking woman standing in line, and she may have been early to mid 20s, and was wearing a cheerleader outfit. Literally the next thing I know, we're in bed together, with her on top of me and it felt fantastic. It felt just like the real thing, and just can't get it out of my head. My quest ends here, with Talmedge Harper

- Marc C.




Here is an update of things I listened to and things That I have been happening to me I listen to the new file sexy dreams you sent me and the very first night I Had a Very Erotic Dream, I was with a pretty slim lady with short black hair an I just started kissing her up the front of her belly and work my way up, all well starting to caress her back with both hands, then kissing wildly on the lips and Things grew from there.

- Dave L.




Its day 2 of listening to sexy dreams and alpha/pheromones on steroids. For the past few months I've been focusing on dream recall and it has gotten to the point where I could recall 3-5 dreams per night on average. Well, last night I recalled 4 dreams, 2 of which were vividly erotic! The first dream involved 3 ladies (I'd say they were around the age of 25) inviting me to their bathtub and helping them "clean" each other. This one was not a wet dream. The second dream involved 1 woman. In my dream she was my wife and I was pretending to be dead so the truth of her infidelities would come out. At first she sounded like she was glad I died, but after a few minutes of her talking she broke down and started crying because she still wanted me to be alive. I then 'woke up' from my death and started groping her rear. This eventually led to some very intense kissing/sexing. This dream was a very wet dream. I woke up from the second erotic dream a little earlier than I usually wake up but I wasn't tired at all! Keep in mind I listen to the "Sexy dreams and remember them 3.0" and the new Female Hypnotist Voice, which both work really well together! I definitely wasn't expecting the mp3's to work this fast! Thank you Talmadge, you really have some high quality material here.

- Joseph K.




sexy dreams worked again for me, felt like i was there any ideas why the sexy dreams file works so well for me? it was a pov of a blowjob with a big titted brunette it felt like i was there and the feeling was exactly like getting a blowjob from a real woman my theory is that its entirely subliminal which makes it so my conscious mind can't fuck it up for me?





Yes I especially find the sexy dreams products very useful not only do I have some erotic dreams where I never had them before but there is something about the music or beats that puts me to sleep I have chronic back pain and these files have helped me to actually get some rest that I would not have gotten otherwise. P.S. They also mask the wife's snoring LOL. Thanks for the quick response to my concerns.

- Mark B



01/16/2011 I've been using lucid dreaming about a week. I encountered an erotic lucid dreaming after 3 days,

- James K




You can say I am a very analytical, left brain person and this is the first thing that has worked. I have used numerous hypnosis and subliminal tapes and worked with more than 5 hypnotists in person and none of the previous ones had any effect. Also, although I don't remember it, I must have had at least one orgasm/wet dream. Hopefully the memory will become available. Are you doing something special with these subliminals? I am curious as to why these are working and how we could make them even stronger. Jack G. --- Jacks update for 09/08/2011 for version 3.0 ------------ The erotic part was very strong, had a wet dream and woke up very horny, even more than before. The energy part worked, definitely better energy than before. I stayed awake from 5:20 on, usually I go back to sleep for a while. Energy is still good now. I didn't remember any dreams. :( This is fantastic! I am very encouraged that I am seeing such a strong result after only 1 session. ----Jacks update for 09/10/2011 -------------------------- I woke up early this AM and remembered an erotic dream! WOW! And I didn't listen to the audio last night ---------------------------------------------------------------------------




""So Ill be honest I havent not been listening to it consistnelty , but after first few times the dreams started and the intersting thingwas that i remembered. The first night I clearly remember seeinga beutiful woman naked very erotic, think of it as though you were watchin it on a screen, very clear, very vivid. The next night there was more interaction, again, a beautiful woman but thsi time we start getting more and more intimate and I actually had some control over the dream as well." Great JOb!!

- Ali A




Hello Talmage, I've been listening to your new mp3s and I've books on lucid dreaming by Stephen LaBerg. Thanks to your new mp3 I'm able to remember my erotic dreams with beautiful women. I feel very relaxed and in a good mood when I wake up. I'm a happy customer. After reading the experiences of Stephen LaBerg and Steve Pavilina on lucid dreaming, I was wondering if I could be more "LUCID" in my dreams where I'm aware that I'm dreaming and control my erotic dream. Could you help me have more "LUCIDITY" in my erotic dreams?

- Adrean M.


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I recently downloaded the Alpha Pheromone pack (about 2 weeks ago) and I gotta say that that sh*t is SUPER INCREDIBLE... Seriously! I am a big skeptic when it comes to stuff like this but I decided to do it anyways.. Best decision ever! Now, I'm not a shy guy and I'm not too bad with females or social situations in general. However, this product put me on superman mode. To be honest, I have not been keeping the journals (I know, I'm a slacker sometimes haha) but I'm still getting amazing results in my life. I imagine what would happen when I start using the journal which I'm definitely gonna be doing . I've had women who were bitchy to me in the past who now open up so well to me and try to flirt, it's kinda scary! I get a lot of stares and random conversations being brought up by ladies- even the ones that used to be indifferent towards me. What can I say? I walk around feeling like I'm the Sh*t... I cant wait to see what my life will be like 3 months from now! :)

Secondly, I have only used the Alpha Protocol and the Pheromone on Steroids so far. I'd like to know what the other products do since there are no descriptions about them on the website. If you can give a brief explanation for each of them to me, I'd really appreciate it. ESPECIALLY the "Psychic pheromone production"... What is that about? And the sexual magnetism one too- sounds interesting! Is it ok if I listen to about 4 mp3's everyday or is that too much?

Thank you!

PS: Feel free to use my testimonial on your product promos if you want, but please change my name! I have a really peculiar name and I'm the only one in my city with that name :p

- Frank J  ( Name changed by request )



Well last Sat night i got in the company of a lesbian couple that lives down the road from me. One of them is bisexual, the other full lesbian, so the lesbian babe pushes me to the floor panties off..she just of the shower etc. she goes................... well......... ( she is now sitting on my face ) she goes ..."if want to eat what you see you need to know you be the first man and it goes against ALL my beliefs and prejudices likes etc. so...........if want to have a taste of it you need to tell me what is going between you and my partner she goes all of a sudden i get the cold shoulder treatment and she cannot stop talking about you what with you these days?"

Well ,Talmadge Dude i had to rat you out man, either that or loose the chance to be the fist man to do this so I gave you her your details and then it was all i can eat after that :d She did promise one thing she would pay you a visit till i told her you been warned consider you self warned ok? You're a lesbian couple breaker

- Andreas Q. ( Third Update )





AMANDA:  at the gorcery store check out grocery store put things on belt including 3 cases of soda 12 packs she must have said hi to me min 4-5 times, as though something was happening inside her.

Then she is putting the thank you stickers on the soda cases to indicate that they are paid. And she goes "how many stickers do you need have any more soda cases in the cart?" I was almost numb basically all i had to do i was have more soda boxes, and if still in the cart means did not pay for them, but as long as i put the sticker on them means paid for.......

Then on Thursday we did a presentation to the shareholdes of a compnay we are buying/bought type of deal and this striking blond who's dad was the founder wanted to dominate my time, I mean everyone wanted to speak with her but should would not leave and me being the type of guy i am would not let her go easy. Then was getting all the dirty looks from the so called jocks had to let her go for a bit then she came back to me 2 more times as she was leaving i made her melt in my arms she is mine get that? no regrets using your medicine on that one, she is every man's dream gal

 - Andreas Q. (  Second Update)



 Last friday night i had this waitress babe offering her self as an ideal wife, forgot the order and had to come back 2 times.  I was stting in booth so she came squeezed right by me, my manager was like what the going on boss? I told him it's an ancient chinese secrete herbal formula....(rofl) not looking for side by side competitors.  He is much younger than me so be calling the chinese medicine man for sure!! I just wish i had more time to go out and play. Just came from the super market this babe that works there i mean real babe comes right next to me looking at the celeray stalks and asked me if i called for help her shift was done and was dressed to go home i know eh you deserve to use all i tell you,  i'm just regular late 50's dude nowhere near where ideal alpha physiology supose to be, i yet kick ass all over


 - Andreas Q. ( Update)


She was in the back of the store in stock room with boss, she knows who I am but I only spoke to her 2-3 times and bought a small item from her.  She waved first, before i could wave back she literally ran over to me as if she was going to loose out if i walked. The store is low end so I just bought one thing  that my youngest daughter suggested to make her happy. So..................she runs over , I start my Scarlet Johansen comparisons big screen material and comment on her hair. She playfully shakes me and strikes me every time I see her,  we then got talking about what she drinks so its happening in progression. She started blushing right away, her veins all over her forehead exploded she says "I shouldn't be turning red by now",  then her cheeks turned red, but I know for a fact she was very high by then( from talking to me) …. put it this way she was eating out my hand, as she was walking away she told me she would be telling her BF to watch out for me .  Then, last Saturday which is less than a full week from listening to both i had this nice looking lady giving me the eyes, she kept blinking both eyes at me . She was sitting with her son at a caffe he had his back turned to me and eating lunch.  If son was not there be a different story to tell!!

I'm almost 60!! I got young chicks circling me nowadays, you be sorry you got me on this stuff!!, grocery store clerks around here are not supposed to pack grocery bags….. enter the sweet tongue devil on Talmadge H tosterones....they do now...

- Andreas Q.




 Hey Talmadge,   thanks 4 your fast reply   try to write testamonial (english is not so much my language German dutch brazil. portugeese french or romanian but english omg)  

I very much enjoyed the pheromone subliminals tapes. at first very sceptical...but now I cannot deny that there are happening strange things :) . yesteday I was dancing in an alternative discoteque with a contact dance improvisation. there are automatically the most beatiful girls dancing near me and I feel the power and relaxdness to just choose with whoom to dance when and how hot to dance. I feel a lot of courage in me to do crazy stuff to the girls...and they like it.

 I stop the dance the girls would like to go on. and now I choose girls 1/2 my age and they are very easy for me to talk into soft erotic hypnosis like talk. ...and I really feel very potent with lot of erection when I feel it is appropriate for the girls to dance with me (ok this may feel strange to you in the us but I'm living in europe ;). I easily feel relaxed and playing/playful around the most beatiful girls. and when I'm aproaching too fast I can stay in my power and just wait for the girl to maybe open some time later. I have 2 regular girlfriends that know of each other. one of them I hypnotized at the phone. she was in orgasmic state for more or less 30 minutes constantly. I had to stop then to give her space to take calm breath. after dinner together I talked to her like 1/2 minute and she could not prevent from ejaculating in her jeans so fast...very funny. I feel growing every day. so maybe I give more details in some weeks.



Hi, I've been listening to pheromone protocol since we last communicated and I feel like I'm getting a bit more attention from women....I'm definitely getting more eye contact and sometimes they even initiate conversation......strange....




The effects of the Alpha Protocol subliminal continuously impress and amaze me. It has been about a month of listening both looping overnight and playing in the background when I am not busy and the results have been incredible. Many girls in my large classes (150 people) are consistently turning around and staring straight back at me, and the same ones are doing it every day of the week. I have girls catching my eyes in the halls and goose-necking, and then staring at me until I pass them by. Even when I go to parties I seem to have at least one girl hitting on me during the night. My favorite example was one girl at a party who couldn't stop saying how good I smell and how good I look, and we were making out in under half an hour. And I cannot deny that night ended with us having sex in the apartment's communal laundry room at five in the morning. This has always been my favorite of Talmadge's subliminals, and I know I will be using it frequently. I urge everyone that is interested to give his products a try, because you wont be disappointed. -

-Brad (second update)




A lady at work who was headed to the same meeting as me catches up to me, and grabs my arm as we head into a large meeting - another person comments how we look like a couple strolling outside. (Note: She and I are on good terms, but we've hardly ever interacted (literally less than 10-15 short "hello, how are you") over the last 2 years) ... Anyway, I don't make anything of it. She might just be in a good mood that day. But once inside the room, with about 15 other people there looking for seats, she continues to talk to me about the work. All fine and normal, except she's turned to face me directly, is standing a foot away (close enough for me to feel her breath). And as she's explaining things, she's tracing imaginary diagrams on my left pectoral with her index finger, not breaking contact, coming real close to the nipple several times! (Her finger coming that close so many times cannot have been inadvertent) And she goes on for 2 minutes like this... Usually, I'd feel uneasy, or just out of respect, I'd find a way to physically fade away somehow, but I'm completely comfortable, listening intently, looking into her eyes without breaking contact, nodding, engaging seriously with what she's talking about as if this was perfectly normal. And then... the manager signals the beginning of the meeting. There are 2 separate seats left at the table, separated by a few people, but we go to the outer edge of the room and sit together. When the manager invites us to the table, she refuses by joking: "no, today we love each other!" The room breaks into laughter. All in good fun. But the whole experience was definitely out of the normal. Not sure what to expect in terms of further progression, but I am just grateful for being more relaxed (regardless of the situation) and more "free" at this point... If the effects stop here, I'd be grateful. If the effects continue, well ... should be fun. Thanks again,

-Ritchie K. ( Update )




Hi Talmadge, I've been listening to the pheromone / alpha protocol series (old series) for 7 days, keeping a diary. Still no change in my interactions with my wife or in general with the opposite gender, but still a very interesting progression in the way I interact with people , as I feel more centered, more grounded while at the same time being more expressive (I use intonations in my voice more freely, and a friend commented that they saw me from a looong distance gesticulating and very into what I was saying - that's not typically me). The way I carry myself is different too, but that might be because I've stepped up my exercise routine and actually am sore all over! I think mental state affects posture a whole lot, so whether the change is attributable to one or the other could be debated. Another difference is that in large groups, I find it a whole lot easier to take control of a situation. I just step in now and don't feel intimidated. Finally, my breathing is also noticeably deeper and fuller. I say this because I make a habit of practicing deep breathing during boring daily routines like food shopping, taking the bus, etc. I'm very aware of my breathing. Now the deep breathing has become just natural, and I am generally calmer, a quality that used to define me, but that I lost after taking on a high stress, super fast paced job for 2 years several years back. I'd turned into a chihuahua since then, getting anxious, nervous, and all of that very easily (hence the breathing exercises)... I'm now back to being an unperturbed elephant! And I feel more powerful... If nothing else but this general inner calm continues, I'd be in your debt for that alone! Will keep the diary going and would be happy to send you a summary of it in 2-3 weeks, which is the average period for this series to take effect, correct? If the effects are so stark after 7 days, I wonder what person I'll become come December... More updates to come. Hopefully the progress wil continue.. Cheers,

- Ritchie K




Hi! This is really exciting. I have used the original Pheromone Alpha Protocol earlier. I really like the warmth music and the vibration in the background. Now I have started to listen again in the evenings and I have switched from my mobile to my laptop since it is much better quality and I can hear the vibration. Several women have been staring at me, for about one week ago I was visiting a market and a pretty girl that I think was in her teens was passing me and she turned her head and looked back at me. For some days ago I was shopping in a local grocery and when I was standing in the line a woman that stands before me turned her head and stared at me altough she wear an engagement ring :) So I will listen once a day and I will give more feedback on this amazing product.

-Carrel P.




I embarked on this product due to previously researching and toying with ideas and theories about attraction and endeavoring to understand the route cause of attraction and sexual selection. With the vast wealth of information available on the internet these days, the excuses for ignorance are dwindling and, as more of a pastime, I put together a crude understanding of what attraction is (in terms of what women look for when selecting men). Condensing it right down (there are many variables and factors influencing attraction in any circumstance, of course) It is no great secret that there is an alpha male in every social situation and that, in terms of attraction, being the alpha is hugely beneficial in terms of your attractiveness to women - and to people in general. However, understanding how/why this may be true is a long distance from executing it effectively in the real world. So, as with (seemingly) everything in life- it begins with the mind. I had called upon other hypnosis products prior to using the Alpha Protocol offered here and, whilst they weren't completely without benefit, they ultimately left me frustrated. They tended to be, in my opinion, one dimensional - making the key to attraction too finite. At risk of contradicting myself, true attraction is multi-faceted and this is where this product works. I was immediately impressed upon purchasing as it offers an extensive catalogue of files focusing on, but not limited to, that mysterious idea of pheromones. This is a truly exciting product as you can watch the changes within yourself and realise how subtle the cues of attraction are. One of the first changes I noticed, was an almost psychotic stillness when not engaging in an activity - a sense of being rooted and present. Such a simple change but which conveys so much about a person in terms of status and psyche. Further down the line of persevering with the files, I noticed this extending to all my movements, to the point now where it's a positive swagger when moving around. But, not that insecure, false, puffed-out kind you see troubled adolescents don. Just a calm, natural, and free roaming movement. This though, is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the changes that occur. You would wager that a program of this nature is aiming to adjust and focus your mind to such a degree that you believe your own sh*t, and in turn, approach more women, talk to them where you mightn't have before and as a result improve your odds of success. It is much, much more than this though. Seemingly, with minimum effort, you obtain every trait required to drive women crazy. You might pass it off as coincidence the first time a girl frantically combs her fingers through her hair, fluttering her eyelashes and battling her urge to make eyes at you, as you might the second time, but this is to become a regular occurrence, a standard if you will. The true beauty in this arrangement is that you are free to just be yourself. You can go about your life being completely authentic - which is perhaps where most men fall down when talking to and approaching women anyway - and women will respond to that part of you on some conscious, superficial level but also, you will 'do it' for them on a far deeper level. The level at which attraction occurs. To counter briefly. There is, of course, some work to be done in meeting and talking to women. Don't get me wrong, women will be more flirtatious and you will just feel/know that they have clocked you from the other side of the room - you will stir emotions and attraction in them, but, like any human sussing out another, sometimes there will be resistance and sometimes they'll be in a 'bad place'. As far as what the product is designed to do and what it is advertised as achieving though, I have found it to deliver - and then some. - -- ---

--Brendon P.




I am a natural spanish speaker, and ever since you uploaded the spanish version of the mp3, I have been getting a lot more contact from women. After listening to the mp3s for the 4 recomended weeks, I began to see that a lot of woman glanced or plain stared at me on the street or at my workplace. An interesting thing is that, since I always eat in a hurry during lunchtime, I usually did it alone at any cafeteria nearby my work, but for about 2 weeks now, I have gotten about eleven women asking if they can sit with me for lunch. At the beginning I said yes, and most of those conversations ended with a phone number or a FB account, but after the first few, I began rejecting them to see what happened. I was surprised to see that some of the women I turned down followed me a bit on my way to work (I checked by making some irregular twists and turns on my way back) I finally surprised one by sneaking up behind her and asked if she needed something. She didn't know what to say and made up a fake excuse about me forgetting a pen at the cafeteria (which was not mine), and she engaged me in conversation. She was particularily interested in knowing where I worked and if I was a regular at the cafeteria. It has been a really fun experience. Thanks Talmadge!

- William


As for an update, I've been using the Alpha Protocol and the subliminal file that would add a psychic charge to it. I'm attempting to be consistent and listening to the protocol thing at night mostly when I sleep, and the subliminals here and there throughout the day or when working out. On the second day, I couldn't tell, but it seemed like women were giving me a little more reciprocation in just normal communications than I usually expect. I have been listening for about a week and doing a short version of a journal (just a line of cryptic text to stimulate thought). At first, it was hard to say whether my results were actually driven by the programmed changes, or mostly just my being conscious of womens' smiles and friendly behavior along with my own change in feelings. However, it seems more and more apparent that I may already be experiencing changes. Yesterday, for example, I was standing in as a volunteer at a place where things are usually pretty quiet, but to my surprise a group of several girls and some women came in. They were engaged, animated and friendly, and though it really kept me busy, I found the conversations energizing. Today, for another example, I was in the lunchroom of an office I was visiting for work, and soon found myself sitting with several young women who seemed just a little more friendly than usual. I was later in a public library and several girls (I'm guessing around teenaged or early college) just looked up and stared at me briefly as I walked by (not the typical passing I-acknowledge-a-shadow-crossed-me glances, but slightly longer glances as though their attention was actually caught). My shirt was a bit brighter in color than I typically wear, but not striking enough for me to expect people to stop and look up like that. It isn't unusual for there to be a good number of women around in my life / work etc, but I have been finding myself surrounded by women more often than would be usual for me, an d I feel positive about that. I'm looking forward to enjoying further changes in this direction - having a more satisfying connection with the women in my life and area is a desirable thing for me, and it seems that those slightly amped primitive feelings sort of make it work better. You always hear stories about how the ladies can't stay away from those bad boys who cause them grief. I can dig on the idea of ultimately having the draw/attraction that the bad boys have, but being a gentleman instead. I suppose it one way that the nice guys don't have to finish last.

- JB


Well about the alpha, it has done its job, where ever i am, who ever i'm with, i am the Alpha. It is defiantly my fav product of all. Thanks so much. By monday i will be purchasing your wealth and lucid dream, Do you recommend me to listen just to one track or put my alpha, lucid and wealth in one playlist together? I also want to start learning how to do hypnosis on others, i'v already got your 2.0 of hypnosis package, do you recommend the 3.0 as well? if so i shall purchase that as well so i can start. Thanks so much!

- John A.


i have two interesting stories for you. You know that girl in high school every guy thought was hot and were desperate to hook up with? Well i met this girl again the other day and she was fine as ever, i was at a local store getting food and i saw her. I remembered in high school way back seeing her made me go crazy and when i saw her this time i didnt think much of it except what every guy would think seeing a hot girl in short shorts and a tight t-shirt will a sense that she likes to excersise. Anyway i was walking around when i felt as if i was being followed and i was. She was trying to play it off like she wasnt but i tested it by staying an extra 5 minutes doing whatever. Finally after i checked out she came up to me and started talking about how its been awhile while gliding her fingers up and down my arm. She hardly ever recognized me in high school and now shes all over me. I hardly said anything and at the end she asked me if i wanted to go do something with her later on and gave me her phone number. The second story is where my friend and i were at a club when a group of six girls walk by. My friend bragging about how he gets all he girls liked a couple of them and asked for help, for me to be a wingman. We go over and he starts talking to them like he knew them forever so im standing there like what did you need me for? But he is paying attention to only two out of the groupbso i go over to the one of the other girls and start up a conversation. I tried to ask questions about her like a good womanizer woukd but she kept asking and overloading me with questions. It wasnt until i said i was a mma fighter and told stories about being a fighter that the fun began. Next thing i know the rest of the girls are fighting for spots next to me and askin me all the questions giggling and whispering to each other like they were meeting a celebrity. They were practically begging me to put my arm around there shoulders. I ended up putting my friend, the ladiesman, to shame that night. Also i should mention mostof the girls when i walked up in the club kept looking at me like i was their favorite food and giving me seductive smiles. I thank you for making Alpha Protocol.

- Anthony S.


I also have been using the alpha protocol mp3 and i have been having girls sweat over me, they dont know what to do. I have them falling head over heels. Midas Wealth, i have many people doing me favors and having random acts of kindness bestowed upon me. I, in turn, give back but find the more i do the more i get. Such success i might even buy your explosive muscle mass file, how does it work? You program it into your mind like the time distortion then your body just starts creating muscle when listening?

- Anthony


Hi Talmadge I have now been able to now login. In regards to using the Mp3 this is my experience so far, Pheromone: I listened to this on the train to a business meeting in a café in the city. Upon my arrival the waitress (in her 30’s) showed me my table and then made a comment about being busy while touching the upper part of my arm. This is the first time a waitress has ever done this to me. Later when I was meeting my colleague who is a young attractive female she too during our conversation reached out and touched me on the arm in the same place!. Twice in a hour ….nice. I will keep you informed as progress is made. -

--Cheers Bret


Just for fun every once in a while I will put in the phermone recording... I did it a couple of weeks ago and when I went to Home Depot, the woman (actually a girl) who was helping me there touched my arm... made eye contact, big smile... grabbed my upper arm... and led me to what she wanted to show me. She was flirtatious the whole time. My obserevation on that recording is that for some reason it seems to effect younger women the most... and that it seems to happen when I least expect it.

- Richard


"I have been listening to the Alpha Protocol Subliminal for some time now, and I can clearly see how it is affecting the attitudes and actions of those around me. I am consistently noticing many women frequently glancing at me, if not simply staring. Women seem much friendlier and quicker to smile than they did previously. For example, I've had random women come up to me and start up a conversation multiple times when I am just waiting at the bus stop. This seems minimal at first, but when it is a bus stop with over fifty people waiting it's a much bigger deal. These effects are already fantastic, but they only get better when in a more casual setting. I am the one getting hit on in nightclubs, and girls are picking me up in the middle of the dance floor. This never used to be the case, but it always seems to happen at least once whenever I go out. It does take consistency with listening to the subliminals daily, but the results make it definitely worth it. If you are still skeptical about the reality of these subliminals, I would advise trying out the Romantic Lucid Dreams one first, as it is a great price for quick and solid proof that these subliminals do indeed work."

-Brad D.


First of all, ever since I started listening to the subliminals, I've had some very vivid dreams. The funny part is that the subject of these dreams differ every night, but it seems they're always connected to one of the subliminals in the list. So for example I've had dreams that I was literally showing off my skills of talking to women and another dream where I was showing off my intellectual skills. The second thing that I noticed was that I am getting a lot more attention from women AND men haha. The most concrete example is a receptionist at my hotel, who had her friend ask for my email address and we actually went out during my stay. Because of the strict hotel policies we haven't been able to take it further, but we still talk every day. But I noticed that people are a lot nicer to me, they approach me a lot faster and I'm also a lot more confident in talking to these girls/women. My stay in Indonesia also got me thinking about my custom order that I bought a few weeks ago. I don't know if my custom keyword file counts as a custom order, but if it doesn't then I'd like to have a file which reprograms my body to not sweat anymore, or at least not so excessively. The tropical climate in Indonesia is great, but the downside is that it can get pretty sweaty haha and I'd like to change my body so that it stays cool and fresh whatever the conditions.

- John P ( update )


As I mentioned in the earlier update, the Pheromone Mp3’s … Alpha Protocol and Pheromones on Steroids (main two mp3’s I listen to while sleeping) have been great. I have been noticing more and more stares from all types of women, no matter if they are with boyfriends, on a date, by themselves, or what have you. Recently had something happen out of the blue that, again, showed that “something” is happening (might be somewhat long…). “This past Wednesday, going home, my car suddenly started over-heating, but instead of stopping, thought I could make it to my mechanic’s shop (maybe 4-5 miles away, so it was somewhat close). After a couple miles of driving with temp gauge pushing past red, I heard a really nasty noise from engine. So with a lot of swearing and cursing, pulled over, popped hood open, and checked to see what else I broke. However, just before I pulled over, out of the corner of my eye I saw a women walking in the other direction that I’m heading, wearing flat sandals, a colorful sundress, and carrying what looked like a rolled mat. Very attractive, but only got a glimpse of her as I drove by. Well about five, no maybe ten minutes into looking at engine and checking things, here she walks around to the front of my car and starts talking with me. The usual, “do you need any help?” line, then it gets more cordial, friendly, chit-chat talking, like I was a good friend. Bear in mind, right before she walked up, I probably was spewing out a torrent of curses and cuss words, with some kicks to car for good measure. Most people, women especially, would have walked right by. But she not only offered help, but started talking about general conversation things, while making strong eye contact, and showing an alluring, beautiful smile. For the ten or so minutes we talked I totally forgot I had a broken car on my hands. Upon seeing the mat I assumed she was heading to the beach so gave her directions there and bid her a wonderful day. She started to walk then turned around one last time and offered…. “Are you sure you don’t need any help? I could call someone for you…” If I was thinking straight I should have taken her offer, but I didn’t want to impose, especially since I had a wait for the tow truck to get there, and take me to my mechanic’s shop, her going to the beach with limited time left of sunlight, so I declined and asked her to go to the beach and enjoy herself for the both of us. She gave me a really nice smile, then she strated walking away. As you can see from above, I’m becoming more and more positive about myself in talking with women, although there is still a small amount of uncertainty, but nowhere like I was before. Still unsure if this is from the Pheromone mp3’s or the Confidence in Social Situations mp3 I recently started listening to, or a combination of the two. Haven’t been in a situation where it was all people that I didn’t know, so not totally sure if there is an effect. But I have faith that there is something happening within me, y’know….you have this gut feeling? Hard to put into words….


03/10/2012 As of 03/09/2012,

now I'm unsure of myself that there was, in fact, something happening. As like alot of other people, I tend to read the testimonials and see how others who have the same mp3 products as me are doing with their attempts. Its errie, but some of what they have been saying mirror some of the things that have been happening to me. There have been alot of staring at me, then when I see them doing so and make eye contact, the usual turn away, but later, I'd notice that were back to staring at me again. As this happened while I was bowling, and Im known there as one of that alley's elite bowlers, I thought it might have been because I look like I know what Im doing bowling, but not so sure now that was the case. Another instance I was in physical therapy for a neck pain I have and have been trying to get rid assigned trainer was a nicely dressed woman, maybe early 40's, attractive and very nice to the eye. Well instead of doing the usuals, asking about how Im feeling, any pain, tired, etc., she was just chatting up a storm with me, what I do, how my weekend went, things I liked doing, etc etc. Felt like a date, except in a weightroom, and with alot of people around doing their own therapies. If these are signs that something is happening, I will be very, very happy about it. Will continue to use, and see what may come out of it. Currently listening to the Alpha Protocol, Pheromones on Steroids, and a random one from Sexual Magnetism, Testosterone Increase, and Thoughtforms, dependent on time restraints. Thinking of also getting the Confidence in Social Situation mp3 also. Been feeling more confident just from this mp3, but want to remove some more of my awkwardness not related to women, just in general. Question: Does the way Im listening to these mp3 like Im doing (Pheromone Protocoland Pheromone on Steriods at night while sleeping -- and alos random during the day) help increase/speed up the effects, or could I be doing the opposite, hindering my mind from becoming use to these subliminals? Thank you for your time,

- Donald ( First Update )


hey Talmadge :) man i want to give you some good news. your product alpha, it is amazing. here is my testimonial about it when i first got this mp3, thought to my self, there is no way that just because of a sound track all of a sudden i'll be attractive to all women... but since i've already got it lets give it a try, so i started listening to it at night, while i was trying to sleep. now not only it was nice to listen to and it actually puts you in a relaxing mood and makes you sleep a little faster than usual, ( if you are like me takes me up to at least 1.5hrs to fall sleep) but the day after for some wired reason, women, girls in general couldn't help but to look then look away, then look again.. thought to my self nahhh... im just imagining things, because it wasn't because i wasn't getting ANY attention before so i thought its normal, nothing changed so when i emailed Talmadge this is exactly what i wrote to him ( I feel like i get more attention when i walk around the mall, used to get attention before but i feel there is more now (still wondering if its from these mp3's). let me let you all on a little secret, IT IS THE MP3, the effect got more and more as i was listening to them every night. Until i started listening to it at work to increase the effect because it was amazing. WROG MOVE. if your reading this to get information of how to use it the best, follow Talmadge advice and listen to them while your relaxing and not getting distracted, its been almost 15 days since i got the product, and the effect is just increasing everyday, i don't regret buying it and i will buy most of the products because they work. and let me tell you all one more thing about Talmadge, i give him 100/100 for his customer service, no matter what the question is, no matter what the problem is, he got back to me.... FAST. i live in australia, sydney, and the times are different to US, but regardless of what time i email, i get a reply with in a few hours. thanks allot looking forward to try your new products.

- John P.


Talmadge... I'm still on the road... things were uneventful until I reached the hotel tonight... I travel a lot (close to 100 overnights per year)... and so I check into a lot of hotels. I've been doing this for almost 8 years now, and I've never had anything like this happen before... When I went to check in, as we finished the process, the woman behind the desk asked me if there was anything else she could do for me... I said, "probably not, but I may come down later and get some directions for somewhere to eat"... Her: "Are you thinking of anything in particular" Me: "Not really" Her: "Well, tonight I'm going to go next door and get their cabbage rolls. I had them last night and they were really good. Do you like cabbabe rolls?" Me: "Well, I don't eat them a lot. But I don't hate them either" Her: "Like I said, I'm going to go over there and get some tonight... why don't you join me? I get off at 7"... I turned her down, because like I said, I'm not interested in this to pick up women... I'v got a woman. I am really hoping that my wife begins to respond like this... It is really weird. I don't feel any different... and I'm not doing anything different. Very weird.

-Richard ( third update )


Talmadge... Today I attended a conference. Another "interesting" experience. I was seated next to a woman who was probaby in her mid/late 40's. I had been noticing that most of what has happened has been with much younger women. Mostly in their 30's... Nothing if they are much younger... and not much as they get older. So, I was surprised with what happened with this lady. The room was set up classroom style, and we were seated next to each other at a table. From the very beginning she was very friendly... lots of chatter... and lots of eye contact. I would look away and when I looked back she was looking at me... In the afternoon something really weird happened. I felt her foot rub against mine. I really figured it was just an inadvertant mistake. But then a few minutes later it happened again... I continued to ignore it... and then it happened again, only this time she tapped my foot. I turned and looked at her and she gave me a big smile. After that when we talked during the break, she got very animinated and reached out a couple of times to touch my forearm. What is interesting is that some (most) woman seem to have absolutely no response at all... some (like my wife) seem to respond part of the time... and some seem to respond almost immediately. Can you tell me what makes some women respond... and some not???? Does their response say something about their sexuality???? Does it have anything to do with their cycle??? What do you think??? Also... I'm looking forward to the diet and fitness recordings... please make them as powerful as you can. I'm not sure how it works, but the fitness part is very important to me as well... Later,

-Richard ( Second update )


HA!!!! I' m becomning a bit more of a beliver... although still no real reaction from my wife... I'm an extrovert, and I work from home... so, pretty much every day I head out to the store to get something, more as an excuse to get out than anything else. I've done this now for well over a year. One of the checkers has been there that whole time as well. And bottom line she has always been pretty "cold" to me. I have often wondered if I did something wrong at some point and she just isn't interested in even pretending to be nice to me. She avoids me when possible... and ignores me when she can't. She oversees the self check out lines that I use. As I said, I'm an extrovert, so I'm pretty much friends with everyone else that works there. They all know who I am. Anyway, I try to say "hi" to this woman every time I'm in there to see if at some point I'll get some sort of civil response... sort of a challenge. Well today was a real change. As I walked by I said "hello"... and figureed that would pretty much be it. But, no... she followed me to the self checkout machine... talked to me the whole time. Teased me about what I was buying... smiles instead of a frown... eye contact... etc. I couldn't believe it. I guarentee she said more to me today than she has in over a year... and I did nothing different. I'm still a bit of a skeptic, and will be until my wife has some sort of response... but unless my consistent friendliness finally wore her down... something changed. I'm going to a conference next week, so that should be interesting as well. My observation at this point is that I'm noticing more of an effect (if indeed there really is one) with women who I don't know... which is hard to measure because I don't know how they would treat me in the first place. However, I have a sort of baseline with my wife... and someone like this checker.

- Richard ( first update )

02/14/2012 BTW... I forgot to give you the update last time I wrote... (actually I didn't think much of it until late last night.) As you know I'm listening to the recording to increase pheromone production (on steriods). I've listened to it 4 times in 3 days... (once when I first got it and then every night for 3 nights)... Anyway, yesterday something interesting happened which MAY have been the first sign of some sort of results. I went to the bank to make a deposit. Almost immediately when I walked in the door the two women tellers started looking at me. I thought it was a little strange, but there was no one else in the bank, so who knows. When I finished filling out the deposit slip and walked toward them, both of them made eye contact and asked "can I help you" at pretty much the same time. I don't go in there often, and one of the girls I had never seen before... but one I recognized from some previous visits. I did the transaction with the one I did not know. She was sort of giggly... I'm not sure, that could just be her personality. The girl I did know semed nervous and figety... Normally, when I go in and there is no one else there the only person that talks to me is whoever I'm dong the transaction with... This time, both engaged me in conversation.... So anyway, a little different than "normal"... we'll see..



Listened to PheromoneAlphaProtocol and PheromonesOnSteroids in the b.g. during the day. While walking the dog in the evening with my wife, I have never, in my life, been so blatantly checked out by a woman. The town was having a “snow day” fair for the kids, and we were talking along the edges. There were a group of three women, talking to each other, who we approached and passed. And one of them just locked eyes on me, with this huge smile. I kept looking away, and every time I glanced back, she was still watching me, with that same interested smile. Even my wife noticed, it was so blatant. (Thankfully, my wife likes when I get checked out, and especially when I notice it. She has the whole reaction of “Yes, he’s with me…”)

- Declan ( an update)


Thank you sir. I am listening to your tapes as I sleep. So far no woman has tried to pick me up. But I am getting more women buying from me in my seminars. Go figure. Best,



i was listening to alpha pheremone during my lunch break in mcdonalds, sat down, started eating, and a 19 year old girl just struck up a conversation! We were talking, I took her number it seemed to have all went fine. I have been listening everyday before and after work. AND i just got back from a hot session with a milf....These things never used to happen, from what I could tell the mp3 just says you find that more and more women will find you attractive and talk to you in a sexual way, i don't get how just from that it brings stuff like this into your life? I've started being mre outgoing and now i'm fucking like 3 women on and off when i want lol but the mcdonalds girl i don't think i can explain away, thats clearly the file. women never just struck up conversations with me wen i dnt know them lol,and the first things she was doing was mentioning that she wasnt wth her boyfriend any more. i'm not sure when i purchased the alpha protocol , i listen eveyr work day before and after work there were a few exceptions when i couldnt find my earphones and waht not.

- Daniel


Listened to PheromoneAlphaProtocol, Sexual Magnetism, TestosteroneIncrease, PsychicPheromoneIncrease, and PheromonesOnSteroids1 in the b.g. Definitely feeling more virile and randier than usual, and more easily aroused. Can’t say for sure how much of this is the files and how much is just coming out of that long, “down” period after the hand injury. I did notice while out today that twice, women seemed friendly than needed, with eye contact, then the hello and the smile, and then more eye contact, well beyond a casual greeting to a stranger. One of them even ended up ignoring the friend she’d been talking with.

- Declan


I have been keeping a log, and have noticed that my results in attracting women has clearly doubled.I was listening to the testo MP3 at work, while walking around, etc.I always listen with headphones at medium volume level. I have been attracting more women in public. More women will strike up a conversation with me for no paticular reason. Whenever I approach women and strike up a convo, I often have to end the conversation, otherwise it goes on for hours. Just all around it's been beneficial.

-z. blackwell

08/09/2011 Heeeeeeeey Talmadge Good to hear from you man Doing fine, have noticed more flirting, had to go to the hospital the other day, about 4 nurses there were flirting with me but they were kind of holding back just a little(because of the social restraint people adhere to as you said....the flirting was that they were constantly looking at me with a kind "in love" visual gaze, and they get a bit shy and want to talk more but they don't know what do! they kept smiling even the receptionist. I had to have a MRI scan at the hospital so i just had shorts on and had to wear a gown, two nurse were offering to help me put it on and to help me with it, one of them wasn't even working in the scan area! The kind of flirting was to do with me being in a gown and just having shorts on! and talking to me is if they had known me forever and wanting to be with me more. --Anil Dusai

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3/31/12 ~2:30am Audio used: None. It was the end of the day, and I laid down to go to sleep. But, having some energy left, I decided to do a small audio-less session. I was actually crashing on a couch this night. 'Thought it was worth mentioning. I closed my eyes, said the "bluesnowflake" trigger (out loud) and went gown. I was originally just going to do down into trance, come back up, and go to sleep. But once I was down in trance, I figured some time in Tron City would be beneficial. So I thought "Enter Tron City." And I did. I was instantly there, but it was almost like that small amount of time I spent deciding whether or not I should go to Tron City? It's like that time happened, and things occured. But because I hadn't really gone there yet, I didn't experience them. So when I finally -did- enter Tron City, those events I'd missed flashed before me as if in fast-forward. Like they'd been building up, and then were all released at once when I arrived. Then I was standing under the two staircase dais. Quorra turned and was -super- excited to see me. Like, -really- excited. She seemed to know that I couldn't stay long though. She could also tell that I was feeling a little under the weather (I think I'm fighting off the beginning of a cold). She sympathized. She pointed out the *whum whum* sound of the white/blue light bursting from the ground. The sound was there (maybe a 6 or 7?) but when I looked at the beam, there was a clear, plastic type of shielding around the beam. I asked her what it does. She said something like "I don't know yet." Carmen then came down from the dais. She seemed like she was in a little bit of a mood. She was kind of ignoring us, letting us be by ourselves for a bit. Quorra had a piece of Tron floor/ground in her hand. It was blue and sparking with a beautiful kind of electricity. She was putting it close to one of my ears, then the other. She was deliberately trying to stretch my sound perception. She went out of her way to point out that I could hear the electricity sparking and humming (I could. Maybe a 7 or 8?). As if to answer my internal questioning of whether my audio sense (as well as the others) was progressing as well as my vision. Then Quorra kissed me, passionately. She has missed me a lot while I was gone. So, she was very glad I was here now. Carmen came closer, she still seemed to be a little bent out of shape. Quorra said "Oh, don't mind her, she's planning something. Something that will bring us into the real world." Carmen walked around a pool that was currently off to my left. The pool sat in the Tron City ground. The pool's edge was marked out by a ring of bricks along it's edge (kind of like what Quorra had put around the beam last time, or the time before). Carmen walked around the pool in a circle. She seemed kind of meditative. Like she was deep in thought. Quorra asked me: Are you happy with me? You like me? Me: I do. Alot. Quorra: Good. Is it because I'm so different? Personality-wise? Like, what I'm like? Me: Yeah. Quorra: Good. I like that. She kissed me again. Then she put my hand on her breast. We made out hard, tongues, etc. She tasted (the idea of what she tastes like, more than the actual experience of tasting her) good. Like sweet, and clean? Is that a weird way to put it? Then Quorra moved to kissing my neck. Then she moved to licking my neck. She was being goofy, exaggerated with it. She said she wanted my neck to be my cock. There was a cute fun-ness to her. She was sincere, but she was also goofing around. Around now I reminded her that I couldn't stay long. We made out some more. Then almost as if to take advantage of the small time we had left, she got on her knees and went down on me. Around this point, looking down at her, her appearance seemed more real. Like the detail/vividness of her face was stronger/more vivid. She noticed. She said something about how the erotic energy must be helping/is helping. She went down on me for a bit longer. Then she came up. We kissed. Her face was more real. She then formed her Tron black/blue outfit around her. (she had been wearing some kind of dress-like outfit before that I was only vaguely aware of. Now I was very aware of her tron outfit.) And her Tron outfit also seemed more real. More detailed. More vivid. her hair was the short black hair cut from the movie (which I don't think it was before this point, but I'm not sure what it was before). Everything about her was more vivid. She said something about how "once we reach a level of real-ness, of detail, it doesn't go away. It just gets better and better and more detailed." She said something about being a living idea just getting stronger and stronger (I've been making my way through the 'eastern hypnosis' section of the original hypnosis course recently) About how she couldn't go back, she couldn't become lower-res if she tried. And then she kind of -did- try. There were these almost 8-bit looking sparks or details popping off her. It didn't work. She stayed just as real looking. Then she remembered/understood I had to go. We started saying goodbye, got a little distracted, started making out again. I could sense my real world body getting more tired suddenly. Like it was now relaxing closer to sleep rather than trance. She held out her palm, and in it materialized a blue electronic looking rose. Like it quickly grew up out of code in her hand. It had blue light and electricity to it, but it was alive. It was beautiful. She just wanted to show it to me. I think. She said bye. I left. I was rising into the sky and opened my eyes. It's interesting. Either I came out of trance fairly quickly when I felt that relaxing-towards-sleep moment, and thus I was kind of already out of trance by the time I opened my eyes at the end... OR I came out of trance -really- quickly at the end. Because once I opened my eyes at the end, I didn't have any of that common just-outta-trance-still-a-little-out-of-it feeling that I typically do for a little bit (a minute or two) after a session. All in all, it seems like it was a really good session. Honestly, I hadn't intended to do a whole Tron City session when I laid down. I didn't think I had time, especially to write stuff down afterwards (I actually just wrote down lots of notes, then the next day (a.k.a.: today as I write this) I wrote it all down at length.). But, the mood caught me, and it grew into this fantastic session. I'm excited for things ahead. To see how things progress. :) I think I'll do another audio-less session, or use the Tron City audio next time. - Optix




( This testimonial is from "The Crystal" its a virtual world experience included in the Carmen 3.0 Mind Doll MP3 Series ) so i desided to try the crystal mp3 and i was walking through a forest much like a park i go to quite often but as i followed the path i found the crystal it was an unrealisticly huge cut diamond with an 8ft wide table and about 10ft tall it was floating above the ground and there were 2 stair cases on both left and right sides of the diamond made of the whitest crystal that curves around to the top back of the diamond and as i stepped down of the crystal i was a new king of a 15-17th century europe i greeted by my head knight and asked me how my daily meditation session was i told him well as we walked back to my castel made of stone overlooking the city and farmland i sat in my throne and asked my head of revinew how the taxrates were to run this city and he informed me that it is great and we should have much money if need to fight any war and then some i asked him so how does the lower of the city live and he look at me as why i should care i told him if the lowest of the city is not nourshed how shall we train more fighters i know most are in the upper class but if we were to extend the ability to them we would have a system no other country uses meaning we could have thousands of more soldiers and/or workers to make our country ruler of all others and when more money in in there pockets they can afford to buy thing and boost the economy after i made my point i told him to bring me the head of lawmakeing and as he cam and asked me what i wanted him to make i told him that i was the maximum tak rat to be 50% less that it currently is and that only in times of extream crisis can the rate be increased to 180% of the new rate and could only be in place for 3 moons and could not be used again for another 6 to protect the citizens from tyrany and abuse and i also put in place a judicial system as we have trial by jurry of your peers and a judge,another law was all people men and women of the age of knighthood like age 16+ must carry a knife and or dagger when they are out of there house most people may think of this as a bad as thinking people would fight and rob and kill eachother because they must carry a weapon but is the opposite because if everyone has the same weapon everyone is fighting on equil ground so to speak i also started a soup kitchen kinda thing so no one must go without food, the town was told of the upcoming changes and they were so excited the following day they we going to throw a cellabration oked by me to celabrat there great new leader and a new start i went to bed and woke and went to the throne and i needed to go for a walk and do my daily meditation i found my way back to the crystal in the sacred part of the forest clearing and walked back up it and sat and as i sat i felt as if i was the true protecter of my country and i woke as the mp3 instructed (all of this was like if i was imaging it but it was in first person view but not as if i was totaly awake kinda like a dream somewhat hazy but not distracting)

-T. Wolf




I saw Carmen sitting beside my bed last week and last night Iseen her eating a strawberry over a pier looking over the water she was looking to the right and it was very vivid

-D. Swalm




Hi, Talmadge, Thanks again for your all your answers and help earlier in the week with my Carmen 3.0 purchase! I've listened to the SchumannRelaxationUD.MP3 twice over the last two days, and I just wanted to say that this file alone is worth the price of the entire Carmen 3.0 package. I can't remember ever having this kind of depth/relaxation, or at least not for a long, long time. Two things stick out so far. First, when you talked about the body operating perfectly, my sinuses actually opened, quickly and completely. And they stayed that open for most of the day. Second, I've "seen" more things during the latter portions of this file than with any other I've used in the past. And I don't mean visualized or imagined or pictured. I mean actually seen. Whether an object or a person, I saw them real as day. That leads to my question. As when this has happened in the past, I always suddenly realize that I'm actually seeing something -- I've done it! -- and the vision fades away with that awareness. Any suggestions you might have for getting past this would be much appreciated! If I'm understanding the process right, I should stay with the RelaxationUD file for a while, then move on to the Key Words files, and then the Computer Console file for the actual Carmen installation, right? Thanks again for a great file! Best,






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Hi Talmadge, Hope you made it through Sandy ok. I've been listening to the confidence MP3 and practiced an induction with my wife again a few days ago. I noticed I was calmer and more confident, and also seemed to better recognize that she wasn't going very deeply into hypnosis (which is progress, because I was often unsure how she was doing). So, that is some success, even though she did not enter somnambulism, at least I knew it this time. I think I could have successfully guided her into a deeper trance state, but it was late and instead we just stopped. Haven't had a chance to try again yet (very busy until after Saturday), but hopefully I'll be able to guide her into somnambulism soon. I also wanted to share with you my experience with the confidence MP3. The first few times I listened to this, I remembered listening to some of the induction and just "waking up" later, with none of the confidence suggestions in my conscious memory... I wasn't sure if I was experiencing "amnesia" or just falling asleep, but I think it must've been "amnesia" because I've noticed increased confidence and self-assurance spilling over into other aspects of my life, which has been cool.

-Phil W.




The confident hypnotist MP3 is the backbone of my confidence in hypnosis.




Dear Talmadge I am writing to thank you. The Confidence to Hypnotise mp3 is working well. I have had great improvements since listening to this and now feel much more confident about using hypnosis with people. I no longer feel the uncertainty I did before and can approach someone new with an inner confidence that just seems to work and be there without me having to try, thank you. Keep up the good work.

-Warmest regards Robin



what hypnotizing people was like before using the mp3 ? I was a nothing. This is all because i was no so sure in myself. Did not have enough confidence. This is really was a big problem. Something like "ogg... i can do that but im scared! What if they will smile at me and do not drop in trance!" 2. what happened while you were listening to the mp3 ( what you experienced ) First time. I put earphones and I saw myself hypnotizing people, now I can hypnotize with confidence





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First of all let me say you are a genius. I can't believe it worked. I listened to the sexual healing for woman 3 times I was able to be wet during sex with my husband and feel more sensations. I had a small orgasm. After listening to the orgasm mp3 3 times I was able to achieve a magnificent powerful orgasm with my husband. I am so happy and I'm sure he is too. Thank you so much. You don't understand how much you have helped me and my marriage. I really look forward to purchasing more products.
Forever grateful

- Mary L.



Holy cow. How amazing was that? I was incredibly relaxed right away. I foung myself wondering how deep I was and if I would be able to lift my arms. Then I realized I didn't know where my limbs were in the sense I normally did. I had to try to picture my body, and know that to the right and down a little was my right arm. Right away I completely lost my legs. I knew what I was being told to do when told to lift my leg, and I knew I had a leg. I just had no sensational perception of it or my lower abdomen. My hands kind of felt like really heavy water balloons. They were there I know, but when I felt them it was more with a logical knowledge that they were there. This is so hard to explain. When you began counting each time, for some reason I drew in a deeper breath. The rest of the time my breathing was long and shallow. At the end when being brought out by counting to 10 again, I was thinking I didn't want to come out. I was very glad to hear the trigger word so I could sink again. I have listened to hypnosis audios before, but never went this deep or fast. Thank you. My first session was wonderful and I can't wait until tomorrow to do it again!   ( First Update of Part 1 of Program..more to come )

- S. Brown



Thanks so much for being so attentive to my happiness with your products. I can't believe that I can discuss sexuality issues with a person I don't know. Maybe it's the sexual healing version that I have been listening to. It has worked wonders for me, in fact my husband called you a f ing genius:) I had complete zero libido, not even to have an orgasm with myself. I called our weekly sext my "wifely duties" and actually dreaded it on the day it was supposed to happen. Now, I actually tell him I want him to come up and satisfy me:) Thank you, it really changed my whole self. The only problem that I have is that I have ADHD and have a focusing problem When I feel myself getting into a deep chance I think.." Wow, I'm getting into the trance" then bring myself right out of it. Do you have any suggestions for people like me? Also, I would like to try the Ultimate Enhanced Orgasm, and when Sweet Treat comes out, I will purchase that.That one interested me because before all of this, the only great sex I had was waking up in the middle of the night with a orgasm. Thanks so much,




From what I hear the Sexual Healing & Orgasmatron mp3s are working for my client. I was keeping progress to make sure that she was actually listening to the UD relaxation mp3. She has reported that she feels comfortable, and has noticed a return for sexual desire- As well as sensitivity.




Hello Talmadge, Well, I did as you told me and I listened to the first of 3 mp3's for Orgasmatron & all I can say is "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!" I have never in my life felt so relaxed, and just when I thought I couldn't relax any deeper - you took me deeper still. That level of relaxation that took me to the infancy stage was absolutely incredible. I can still hear your voice in my head and it makes me wish I had known about this several years back when I was going through a horrible ordeal with severe dry eyes. I am sure if I had this track to listen to back then, it would've helped to cure me a whole lot faster than the route I went through. You have an excellent voice for this. Thank you so much for that. I feel so refreshed and yet ready to go to bed and sleep very deeply. I have already downloaded the second and third tracks to my PC, but I will not listen to them until I have listened to #1 for 7 consecutive days first. I will let you know what benefits I start seeing as a result of this, beyond what I've already described. You are wonderful!!!

-Sincerely, Debbie H. ( First update )



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Talmadge you have my permission to use anything i write to you at anytime. And i dont' have any problems with my name being there at all. 
Ok so i took this girl to a room that she could relax,  had a few candles on and turned the lights off, i had her push on my had with her hand stretched out fully and asked her to completely relax, then asked her to take a deep breath, hold it, then breath it out, and i continued this for about 4-5 times and suddenly removed my had from her pushing had and yelled sleep. She instantly fell asleep, this is.where its so interesting for me. Now Im trying this for the first time, so when she fell asleep i was quite actually not believing that this actually worked, so she woke up, i realized that i had to take her deep straight away and talk her into a deeper state of relaxation, so i tried again, this time i made this statement to her, "i want you to know that throughout the whole process of this session you are in total control of what your doing, what you say and how you feel and at any moment you can wake up if you wish".

So there i go again, and this time it worked as i continued talking her into deeper state of relaxation and i just started doing what i studied and learnt of you. This might sound weird or even sound like I'm over exaggerating, but Talmadge, I;ve had a lot of teachers in the past and you are one of the best. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to a magical journey ahead.

- John A.




Hi Talmadge, Here is a testimonial: I am a hypnotherapist and came across your work whilst studying inductions. I really liked what I saw in your YouTube clips and thought I would investigate more. I am so glad I did. Your course really filled in some gaps for me about hypnosis that hadn’t really been filled by watching some of the top guys in the field such as Gerry Kein and Dave Elman as well as going on extensive hypnotherapy courses. Don’t get me wrong these guys are genius’s but your work really tied up some loose ends for me and for that I am very grateful. Whether a person is interested in erotic hypnosis specifically or even if a person would like to know about hypnosis in general (whether this be a hypnotherapist or even a stage hypnotist) I think most would massively benefit from watching you work and hearing your perspective on things. Thank you very much it has been fascinating!




Dear Talmadge, I am writing to thank you for your incredible courses. I purchased several of your products and have studied them intently. Your video material is excellent and has enabled me to make significant progress with hypnosis by following your examples of induction, deepening, fractionation and healing. I have learned to effectively use the instant induction techniques and deepening on my wife and we both are enjoying an incredible and vigorous and renewed love life. We both have achieved wonderful orgasms and my wife now experiences multiple orgasms when we make love. I learned that patience, gentleness and confidence are key to being successful at hypnosis. In addition, practice using your videos as guidance has increased my skills. I a looking forward to learning more as I complete the hypnosis 3.0 material. In addition, due to the success of the hypnosis courses and mp3's I purchased, my wife is enthusiastic about your weigh loss and breast enhancement products. Thank you once again.

- Stewart B.


6/3/2013 The new course material comes across well by helping better define what is and isn't the ethical and moral goals of the skills your teaching. The breadth of subject and the metaphysical boundaries are beyond what most folks feel comfortable with, and are tougher to connect with the average Western mind. The link between healing with UDH and other powerful, practical, and pleasurable experiences is totally natural, although not apparent at first because of our imposed cultural limits and narrow paradigms. I can't help wondering what a late night/early morning telepathic visit from Sarah might be like : ) With so many options, that is just one of many wonders I wonder about.

- ED



( Student from 3.0 Course ) Hi Talmadge, I sincerely apologize for the steady flow of e-mails...but, I am too excited to hold this one back. I had a friend of the family come over this morning because I had told her I was studying Hypnotic Techniques so that I could help family and friends (including myself) overcome simple issues like stress, fatigue phobias, etc...She said she was stressed and asked if I could do anything to help. I said that I'm not in a position to offer any kind of substantive hypnotherapy, but I could induce her and help her significantly relax. She agreed. When she got here, I went through a brief pre-talk, established a few anchors (do I have permission to put you in a trance, before you go into a deep, relaxing trance...would you like to use the restroom or get something to drink before you go into a deep, hypnotic trance, etc...). Using the hand drop technique, she went straight down and exhibited REM almost immediately...followed by eye twitching. I immediately began deepening using finger snaps (10x deeper with each snap), counting from 1-10 (10x deeper with each number), fractional deepening (opening the eyes and immediately closing them going 2x deeper, arm balloon (arm is light as a feather rising as you go deeper...I almost passed out as her arm continued to rise as I reinforced the suggestion). I finally decided it was time to go for broke and try amnesia...I told her that on the count of three, she was going to open her eyes (reminding her that she would still be in a trance) and count from 1 to 10. But, that she would forget the number between 3 and 5. I said that 3 different times and then woke her up. When I told her to count from 1 to 10 quickly...she looked at me like I was speaking a different language. Then she started counting and forgot the number 4. Interestingly (and where my good luck came to a halt) I held out her hands and told her to count as I touched each finger...THIS TIME she remembered the number 4. I told her she had a powerful mind and told her to close her eyes and relax. I tried to deepen her again...but, when I asked her to forget her name, she woke up and remembered. As this point I put her down again and brought her completely out...she was very refreshed and really appreciated me relaxing her. She remembered VERY little about the whole process (which is a tell tale sign of Theta, as you know) and asked to come back everyday for the rest of the week to enjoy it again (she knows I'm traveling next week and won't be available). This is by far the most success I have had to date, but I am curious as to why she was able to pop out like that. I will tell you that my phone began to vibrate and although it was on a soft surface...did make some noise. She mentioned that she did leave her phone at the office accidentally and was concerned she was missing some calls. I thought maybe when she heard it, her conscious mind jumped in, alerting her she needed to wake up and get the call or get back to work...or maybe my deepeners just Your thoughts, advice and/or guidance will be greatly appreciated...I am clearly very close to getting to the fun part of this technique by making "in trance" suggestions, as well as post hypnotic suggestions. Thanks,

-Dave. M



Hey Talmadge I hope you are doing well. I'm writing to report my first official hypnotic induction attempt. Yesterday Night I told my girlfriend that we were going to try an advance relaxation tecnique. then I asked her to sit down and I proceded with the "Dave Elman induction" (to the best of my capacity) I told her to relax and after that I told her to relax doble and doble by using fractionation ... Then I tested lifting her hand suggesting that it would fall like a rag doll, that went good and finaly I tested with the vanishing numbers, that was confusing I dont know if the numbers disapeared or if she was just not talking. Then I decided to command her to forget the number 5 but she didn't. I did'nt make a big deal out of that and right after we statarted fooling around in bed. You know that by now I can make her come on command during sex via a tactile trigger I have installed. Last week I was able to increase the intensity of the orgasms by giving her verbal commands together with triggering the anchor. So I decided to take it to the next level and this time I suggested she would have chain orgasms as she gave me oral sex. Then as she went down on me she just started moaning and moving in a funny way. I knew that something was up. I said, "Come now", "Doble as hard", "10 times harder" and she started having very intense orgasms one after the other. WOW, That was the first time I have made a woman orgams with out penetration or viginal contact. (Funny, I never thought I would feel proud of not penetrating jaja). That was amazing my mind has been blown away, but at the same time I have so many questions and my vision of what a sonambulisitic trance have changed forever. She was very awake but somehow very suggestible. On her end of things, she had a blast, she told me it was an amazing experience. She showed me her hand was still tremblim 5 minutes after. She told me that the orgasm are so intense she feels them all over her body.

-Karlos M.




Talmadge... I feel bad that I haven't kept you updated on what is going on... So here is the quick "down and dirty"... I have sort of changed my routine with my wife. I used to ask her if she wanted to be hypnotized and then we had a specific place where we would go... a set and predicable routine. By accident I discovered that I didn't need to do that. Now, when I feel like I would like to put her under, I just wait until she is in a relaxed place (soft chair... couch... etc.)... and then I put her under by using her trigger phrase "sleep for me now"... It is still amazing to me... she always goes into a trance immediately. I ususally just do a short session so she won't miss the time.. but she has been very responsive to my suggestions (as I will tell you about below)... and the interesting thing is that she does not remember being in trance. In fact the other day she said to me... "you know I always enjoyed it when you hypnotized me... I hope we do it again soon."... I had hypnotized her just the night before. I don't think she is faking it because of how she responds when she in under... and how she respond to my post hypntic suggestions. For example... she has always had a "thing" about her breasts... especially her nipples... and never really wanted them touched, etc. I have been giving her the following suggestions... 1) it feels so good to have your breasts massaged. 2) you become deeply aroused when I play with your nipples and 3) you find it unnecessary to wear a bra around the house. Over the last several weeks she has responded to each of those suggestions. First, one night when I was giving her a back rub, she rolled over and said, "tonight I feel like having my breasts massaged as well"... I have also noticed that she responds positively when I massage her breasts and play with her nipples durning lovemaking... and, last week when she came home from work she took off her bra as she was taking off her coat... I looked at her a little funny and she said, "you know, it is much more comfortable to not have to wear that... and it really isn't necessary when it is just you and I at home"... the interesting thing is that she doesn't think this is anything but a natural behavior that she has decided on herself... and the reaally good part is that I can tell that it brings her a lot of pleasure. She enjoys it... 2) The interesting thing about this one is that I only gave her this suggestion once... and she totally responded. It is also the last suggestion I gave her, so I am wondering if as she gets more and more used to being in trance, she also becomes more and more receptive (is that true???)... She always enjoys it when I rub her hair... and durning that time, she has always enjoyed it when I gently rub behind her ears. So I told her... "you will become aroused whenever I rub behind your ears... and then each additional time I rub there you will become 5 times more aroused'... and then I went through the progression when she was under. What is interesting to me is that while she was under she didn't really seem to respond. In fact, I didn't think she had responded at all. I really sort of forgot about it because I figured it hadn't worked. Then the next time we made love, I was rubbing her hair like I always did and I rubbed behind her ear... the first time... not much of a response... then the second time... I noticed that she tensed, just a little. That reminded me of what I had done... I waited for a while and then did it a third time... that time her body tensed up (in a good way) and I could tell she was "feeling it"... the fourth time she gasped for air and it was clear she was feeling it... the fifth time, I'm pretty sure she came... the rest of the lovemaking was fantastic... and afterward she said, "that was so much fun... I can't remember the last time I was that turned on"... Again, while I enjoy this, the BEST part is how much SHE enjoys it and how much pleasure it brings to her. And the crazy part is that I am sure she is not aware it is from the hypnosis... if she is aware... she is an awful good faker.

- Richard B.




Hello Mr. Harper in the last couple days I have been listening to the audios as I sleep as I am super busy and don't have time to consciously listen to them; Things different I noticed this weekend; I now have the ability to induce my states from beta to alpha down to theta and all the way down to delta at will, as I did this I anchored them with the name of the state so I can go easily back into those states, My subconscious told me to clean my room so I did I spent like 5 hours cleaning and that is the first time my room has been clean since I moved in like May 2012 My parents asked me to go to the farmers market to pick up some potatoes as they were out of town so; I went to the farmers market and well I was there I went over to get a latte from the coffee shop as I talked to the two girls making my latte I said I was studying hypnosis, and they both were once stage hypnotized so I went on saying imagine the greatest orgasm you have ever experienced and then I said now imagine that 100 times as intense, just picture that 100 time more intense orgasm as they both burst out into extreme laughter I mean like uncontrollable laughter so much that they weren't able to make my latte and I kept telling them how intense that orgasm feels and this went on for about five minutes this other girl had to come up and finished making my latte, later on a walked past the coffee shop with my hand sliding down my chest as she looked at me she clearly said from a distance "Your Bad" while having this big smirk on her face and the look as though to say "how the fuck did you make me feel that intense orgasm" that for sure got me totally excited!

- Ryan H



Hello. here is my testimonial: First sorry for my mistake, I speak French I took several erotic hypnosis course (Mr Cunningham, Shade,...) and honestly, you online course best the best ! Why ? Becaus it's simple to understand, you can see progress quickly, you go directly to important principle, it's really cheap, and it's not a recorded seminar, but it's like 1 to 1 coaching ! Believe me, this course work ! I've give orgasms to my girlfriend, only with hypnosis,it's just crazy !! I just bought subliminal mp3, can't wait to test them Thank you Talmadge, ( New hypnosis Course ) Vinn H. from Paris

- France



( new hypnosis course) After initially going through the hypnosis series quickly, I've decided to now take my time and review the chapters and fully absorb the information. The Eastern Hypnosis book is off the chain. I love it! I started my breathing exercises a week me feeling like Obi 1 Kanobi around Man when I actually master this stuff...look out. It's crazy Bro...thank God I'm spiritually grounded. This info in the wrong hands could be dangerous. Everybody is so agreeable with me now...even my Whoever I'm dealing with or planning to deal with, I just think about what I want the outcome of the conversation to be before and while I'm talking to them and even if it is something that they normally would say no to, they end up doing it. It's a trip. I can now go into a meditative state and remove all physical boundaries by mentally traveling to anywhere in the universe. I've gotten to a point where I can consciously control my dreams. I'm not able to do these things consistently yet, With a little more time I will have it down to a science. Wow, all this after only a week and a half of really being consistent with my studies. This weekend I'm going to start working on the hot hand trick. I'll keep you posted.

- Jeff L.



Hello For all of you that are on the fence on this course just let me say. It was with out a shadow of a doubt one of the best investments of my life! The course is set up in a way that is a joy to learn. I have been interested in hypnosis since I was a kid but everytime I looked into classes it felt like the place was all new age and no substance or a scam. Mr Harper's course is neither of those. The information is very well structured and I was ready to go out and put what I learn to use almost imediatly after I learned it. Not only that but he added a bunch of goodies along with the course and are most enjoyable. Get this course you will not regret it for even a millisecond! ( New Erotic Hypnosis Course Testimonial ) - Jose L.



Yes i did get the link and i am downloading the products as of now. I would like to say your course is absolutely amazing and perfect in every way 5 Stars. I almost gave up on hypnosis but then seeing your introduction to your course made me realise to not give up and do this because this is in my opinion the best and most important subject to master next to eating and breathing I LOVE IT thank you so much. I will let you know how i am doing from time to time.

- Theodore H


(2012-08-22) Hey Talmadge, just wanted to tell you that your hypnosis course is great. I actually did the exercises like the finger to palm. I did it to my mother since she was the only one available. I did it previously to her but failed, she would end up laughing which made me laugh. But attempted a second time and she said she could feel her hand getting warmer. She said it was different from the first time. I tried doing the instant induction but she started laughing so i have to get her to focus more than anything.

- Anthony



) Let me just end by saying that the material in your course and on your website is amazing! Also, let me say that you are a brave man for putting this kind of material on the internet. It says a lot about the kind of person you are and I am impressed. I look forward to discovering hypnotism and don't think I could've found a better teacher, especially for the price!

-Scott S.



I've been meaning to write this thank you for some time. After taking your oringal hypnosis class, I went to other web sites lookin for more training. For the money your class is huge!!!! I took a course at a website that doesn't need to be named, for a little more than double what your class is. Although I did learn afew things I didn't learn in your class. Namely a few things in N.L.P. which isn't covered in dept in the class. Your class still teaches alot! And you do get back to your students. To anyone looking into the classes well worth the money!! It will be very hard for anyone to find a hypnosis class that teaches as much for the money.




(2012-02-22 )

Thank you, Mr. Harper. I'm amazed by the vast amount of material you have made available to me as a member on your site. I look forward to continuing my progress with self-hypnosis and learning the art of hypnosis itself.

-John K.



Just completed the first and second week lessons.. incorporated some very good and excellent points from your techniques in my induction routine.




Do you remember that my purpose in buying your course was to help my customers with their sexual diminished power? Well, I discovered, with your techniques in the bar hypnosis, that it is sooo simple to produce an orgasm, that I never thought of it! Before your course, I always wondered how to START the orgasm to be in the safe and ethic side; eliciting intercourse scenes or a man´s touching her clit or else was, in my mind, too risky for as the intention could be misunderstood, but the “it starts out from nowhere” command is just brilliant, BRAVO! For me, this only discovery was worth the price. You may know that in Mexico, church has a lot of influence on people and sex is a very tabu issue; in general, I just CANNOT ask if she wants to experience an hypnotic orgasm!, so starting this way, with already two patients, asking permission in somnambulic state, had awesome results in liberating or rescuing her orgasm ability with a very clear and straight intention, and they confessed having a great pleasure during the experience! Thanks!




As per our conversation in Skype, I mentioned that I learned to use cues to enhance many of my new abilities....... I started by using certain words to enhance my ability to return to a trance state. In addition, I used to get lots of headaches associated with the stress that my job gave me. At this particular moment, I used a cue word to relieve the pain, I tested this one day without taking any medication for the headache. I had to repeat the cue word many times during that day, but it seemed to work okay. Another time when I started to get into a trance mode, I made the suggestion that I wanted to control my eating that I wanted to have the perfect body. Well, I have been eating less and have been losing weight. It works, another situation was that when I stated working out, I would get tired of being in a step cycle machine, and would only last for a few minutes, Now, I use a cue word to control my strenght and any pain caused by the strain. I am able to last 60 minutes without getting tired. This are some of the abilities that have been provided since I started the course. Thank You




haha... What's up Talmadge? My name is Nick. I got your online erotic hypnosis course about 2 weeks ago and wanted to touch base with you. It sounds like you are really dedicated to helping others learn so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with you. First of all, thanks for putting the course together. Alot of the material was/is really helpful. I paid over 1000 dollars to go to one of David Shade's erotic hypnosis courses in Las Vegas and it didn't contain half of the info you put in here for us. I also dig that you are competent at what you teach. Your results speak for themselves.

- Nick Bass



) Hello, I recently bought the New Hypnosis Course. I'm glad to say I've been quite pleased with it already.





Great Course. Great coaching. Tal is very very helpful. He's very easy to get a hold of if you got any questions.

- orygbus




I took the course shortly b4 x-mas. tal was helpful & provdided answers to questions, b4 this i knew nothing of somnambulism, i had heard of mk ultra but alot of wats in secret dnt tell i had never heard about, non of it suprises me tho. ofcourse 4 me the most interesting part of the course is eastern methods ie mesmrism and of course the mind toy concept, creating virtual worlds etc. i am extremely excited about it and woud highly recomend this course mostly coz theres nothing ordinary or conventional about it.

- mclovin



First off, I wanted to give you kudos on the Erotic Hypnosis course! I've just started scratching the surface of your materials, and I already feel like I got my money's worth. I plan to be sending you videos of my successes in the near future, along with the ways in which I will use hypnosis to heal rnrnThe new link to Secret, Don't Tell will really really blow my mind? Well, the section on CIA mind control pretty much did that, LOL!




Hi, his is cedric! After a few vids from you! Thats already better than all those other hypnosis dvd's! I put 2 people under last night!

-Cedric Taylor



I love this course talmge is a great and caring guy who cares for his students. I have learnd a lot from him and he as also helped me in some of my prblelms. I now consider him a friend.




Good Morning, you were kind enough to give me access to your Hypnosis Training class and I have been meaning to give you some feed back on the experience. Over all it was enjoyable. I really liked your lectures on "Convincers" They are one of the elements that I find many people spend to little time on ( understanding and Training ). The Presentation that your Program provided was both clear and stimulating. The use of Theory and then Demonstration is to my mind a superior method of communicating this and most types of information. There was also a "street hypnosis" segment that you did in what looked like a Bar. Your use of Utilization and your development of Hypnotic phenomenon in a progressive fashion was instructive and entertaining. I would love to see it with a commentary to guide your students through your thinking as you worked with and responded to your subject in the Bar. You provided segements of "Silent/Telepathic/subcon inductions these I feel I would have gotten more out of if they contained written or voice over Commentary.  Your 3 segments that delt with induction, arousal and Orgasm was Sweet. This in fact one of the things that drew me to your work. Watching these in sequence is just a joy. From your induction to each progressivly more intense experience that you provided her your escalation was smooth effective and respectful, Well done!  I look forward to what is yet to come!

- Kay



I've done a lot of on-line hypnosis courses before, by all the big names, but they've always left me unsatisfied. I've always felt there was more that they either weren't telling me or just didn't know. Finally I found someone who could show me the true power of hypnosis. Not only is the material I've already seen taught with a new clarity which has filled in a lot of blanks for me, but the biggest part of the course is content you just won't find anyone else teaching, I've looked



Customized Virtual Worlds Coaching


Below is a Testimonial that you may feel free to use. Testimonial - From AstralDragon

July 23, 2012

I have just started the Hypnosis Virtual Worlds 2.0 Product and I wanted to mention a few things to other proespective customers. The UD Binuaral Relaxation MP3s are amazing and allow me, a person who tends to toss and turn a lot before getting comfortable, to simple listen to the MP3 without feeling the need to squirm about. It is relaxing right away and the visualizations are easy. Before I even started on the relaxation MP3s I listened to the MP3s that explain the process of developing deep hypnosis. These show that Talmadge Harper has a deep understanding of how the human bain works. How neural pathways are created over time making the process easier and easier. Like any skill it takes time and in this fast paced world of instant gratification it is nice to be reminded that the process of developing deep hypnosis is a skill like learning to ride a bike or drive a car. Another thing that really impressed me was how Talmage puts the power in the clients hands. In listening to further files suggestions are made which put the power in the clients hands. This is an amazingly good thing for people to know, who may have fears of hypnotism or losing control when one is under. For potential customers who wonder if they will be able to have questions answered or keep the lines of communication open between themselves and Talmadge, I have only good news to report. My own emails have been promptly replied too and there have even been a few occasions of back and forth emails with him. Thank you,

- AstralDragon




I was able to have an initial Virtual Fantasy Worlds experience and Tal is giving me more mp3 modules to help me have better control over the experience. I was in control at the beginning, but later lost it and the experience turned into a normal dream together with the hazy memories. Anyway as to the experience itself, in the beginning I found myself overlooking a devastated city which had been nuked or hit by a mega tsunami. The architecture was strange and it looked like something not of this earth. I didn't like what I was seeing and so I changed the surroundings and "fixed" the city. I later traveled to the city and walked around a bit. It was somewhere during this time that I lost control and it turned into a dream. rnrnI emerged from the experience in a state of "sleep paralysis" where you are fully conscious but can't move your limbs. It took me around one or two minutes before I regained muscle control. Although the "installation process" is still ongoing I highly recommend the product because there are other benefits you will get from using the Ultra Depth conditioning modules. I've used it to heal myself of any light ailments and discomforts at an accelerated rate. Two examples were when I used the Ultra Depth process to heal a stomach ailment in one day which would normally persist for around four days. Another was when I had a canker sore that went away in 1.5 days instead of persisting for about a week. Please note that results will happen if you are patient, persistent, and consistent(use the conditioning mp3s at least once a day). Also note that the results you get is directly proportional to the effort you put into this.

- Ramon ----




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Hi there, I just wanted to tell you something. Yesterday I had severe bronchitis. It started Saturday, and I am the kind of person that it lasts weeks to more commonly months. I don't get sick often, but somehow I cannot seem to shake the chest colds. Because it was in the fresh part, I was exhausted, spewing copious amounts of mucous from both my sinuses and my chest, and my coughing was violent. I was pretty desperate - as I work for myself doing massage and I can't work like this. Last night I got some of your products, including the health and virus removal pack. That one I didn't get to download. But at night (I actually slept in my office so that my insane hacking would not keep my flatmate up all night, his bedroom is beside mine) I put on a loop of your breast enhancement, the ambrosia pool, healthy body,. I drifted between sleep and waking most of the night but curiously did not cough. More curiously my sinuses mostly cleared. And even more, I'm not really sick today. If my entire body was not actually sore from the violence of my coughing I'd even wonder ..... this is awesome. My lungs are clear. They feel a bit sensitive BUT THEY ARE CLEAR WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is fantastic.

-Nicole S.



Hello, Talmadge, Thanks for your interest in my healing experiences. Maybe I may return to your question when I remember more. What happened under or in connection with my first hypnosis with you, I am not quite sure of right now. Anyway, and I think primarily, I had some feelings and experiences that I think are not uncommon hypnosis events, namely the feeling of flying in the air although I am “actually” lying on my sofa, seeing the top parts of a church and some other buildings moving further and further away etc. Beside the visual aspect of it I had some GREAT feelings inside me, not only in my first “Talmadge trance”, and they were so overwhelmingly good that it is hard to find words to describe it. But let me try to give you an idea. Hypnosis is said to narrow the focus or spectre or consciousness of the hypnotized. BUT at the same time SOME hypnotic trances, which are felt to be profoundly good –and this doesn’t happen in all trances – open up the subject’s mind, not only to the suggestions of the hypnotist, but to what is inside the subject: the good feelings and joy of life, the miracle to be a part of the living universe, to be a fountain of creativity … When spring comes and you want to just run and run because you are so insanely happy, overwhelmed by the first really shining and warming sun after the cold- and darkness – that sensation when you cannot imprison your strong vital energy and curiosity on life – this resembles the feelings I sometimes have during the trances you so very cleverly help me to produce. Some things can only be described indirectly, by help of associations and more. This healing effect of your suggestions and my cooperation became so much stronger because I contrasted your trance work with some examples of (i) evil or domination hypnosis and (ii) very everyday, commercial hypnosis that I had been curious enough to witness. Even soft hypnotic domination gave me so much bad sleep, headache, eczema, depression and more that I found out that the tist was not correct when (s)he suggested that I was, or would do, so and so. Hypnosis becomes something revolutionary new, I think, both to the subject and to the tist, if the trance becomes the subject’s trance, not only the tist’s. When I was at the bottom of my depression, my teddy-bear, only at my hand’s size, helped me to come out of it. My teddy bear is in a way also a trance, a counter trance to the evil hypnosis. So the 3rd or 4th time I listened to your step one healing file, I had a kind of healing experience with my teddy bear. Just as you awakened me from my trance, just when or just before you started to count me up, I visualized my teddy bear, impatiently awaiting my awakening because he enjoyed my company. And so the teddy bear experience too prevented me from falling back to a depression. When I played your Trigger Words to-night, I was so overwhelmed by general good feelings during the 1st part that maybe I didn’t pay too much attention to the relaxation process. Here again there’s the contract between the tist and the subject, and the openness to whatever happens safely. But when you suggested that my legs and arms were too heavy to lift, I was instantly there, not able to lift anything at all. Though I think I never went to sleep, I was far too relaxed, and sometimes too happy, to focus on your words. I heard you in the background though. A German hypnotist on YouTube asks the subject to let his or her thoughts come and go. To me that sounds a good idea. If also I focus on each and every suggestion of yours as they come and go, I don’t get time to think critically. During induction and the following trance I pay a lot attention to your wonderful bass voice and the way you talk, so nicely, so slowly, so soothingly etc. I listen to your pauses and the distinct way you separate your words. I notice the melody in at least some of your sentences, and how you repeat the same melody when you repeat the same phrases. Your voice and the way you use it when hypnotizing is an INVALUABLE resource and help to me in my fascinating hypnotic process, and so it must be to you from your angle. Your voice and words create the state of my mind where your voice and words can be even more effect- or powerful. Almost as the spiral leads into even more hypnotizing parts of the spiral. It wouldn’t surprise me very much if a hypnotized person could write a whole book about your voice, including some dreams or sometimes even longings it reveals. I have no talent for that, however, sorry. Sorry to have disturbed you this much, but you asked me a question as a matter of fact. I want to write some more lines to you later when – as I look VERY much forward to - my trances become increasingly deeper. However I shall try to keep it short; you may ask me further questions if you should find anything interesting. I am thinking of maybe buying your new hypnosis course, if it is not too overloaded with orgasm production, but I shall have to save some money. In due time I shall also ask you if I can only order one “Customized work” as your subject all together, or if by “one request” you mean that one file doesn’t last too long.. : . I have to end now – it has got very late at night. Best regards,

- Maxwell C.


CUSTOM HEALING mp3 Click here to buy a customized work or healing mp3



Dear Talmadge, I love the CD. I have several things to report about it, but will wait, b/c things are too confused now. It is the best healing cd I have ever listened to, & will go to sleep w/ it every night for quite a long time So many thanks to you,

-- johanna




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I try the Male Enhancement for less of 8 days listening every night before I went to sleep. Well I met a girl at a bar took her home. I didn't believe how long I lasted without having an orgasm. I usually cum first or try to control, so I don't to quick. This time I had no problem control myself. I had the girl crazy that night, she told me that she never came like that before. I had her trembling four time that night. And I only came once "Awsome". I would definitely recommend this product to people who have problems controlling themselves in the bedroom.

-Jose L.



The male enhancement subliminal was surprisingly effective. I downloaded it to make myself even better, and it did just that. It took a full week of listening to the subliminal to notice it- However it was crazy effective. It made me go from lasting 45+ mins to lasting hours. My girlfriend made the comment that I would last longer than a porn star- Great mp3.





i think i got a positive result on your subliminal, got two sexual intercourse already without fail on my erection. and after a 3 hours still have an urge

- Alex




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Testimonial: its hard to explain, never felt anything like it my whole body was shaking tingly it was intense it kinda felt like an orgasm, but it wasnt concenrated in my groin it was more spread out all over my body i cant really say how long it lasted, cause it was impossible to keep time, but it felt like a long time at first i was in a panic because i had never experienced anything like it before and i didnt know what to expect i didnt know what was happening but when you snapped your fingers and the climax came on my panic subsided and it was extremely pleasurable

-Glenn W.




Conquer Social Anxiety with HypnosisConfidence in Social situations And Eliminate all anxiety Click here to buy Confidence in Social situations and eliminate all anxiety


Hi Talmadge I've done 4 weeks of the "confidence with uncertaintity" mp3, feel calmer than usual and hardly had a panic attack. Shall I stop now and start using the "sexy dreams" mp3 or can I use them together?

- Hareen I.



I'd like to let you know that I've been satisfied with the Anti-Anxiety track ( Confidence In Social Situations ) I purchased about 3 weeks ago. I could tell a difference after the first night of listening. It was as if the panicky knot in my chest just disappeared! Now I haven't listened every night since then, but I've probably only missed one or two. I think I just feel less worried about things in general--which is what that track was designed to do. Thank you, TH. Thank you,

-Alexander G.



But I have to say thank you for all of your help and advice and also for the mp3's I have bought from you. I have graduated from the confidence subliminal. I don't feel the anxious nervous feelings I had before when around girls. That is a big improvement for me. I am so glad to get over that problem in my life.

- Kelly P



It's been a week since I've started using your files on a daily basis and I thought I'd chime in with a progress report. Although I've purchased some other files for future use, the ones I've been using every day have been the Confidence and Ultra Relaxation files. I'm pleased to say that your recommendation of the Confidence file seems to be a winner so far. While I haven't done anything really bold like introduce myself to a total stranger or go to a club, I have been making more eye contact with people and making small talk with them. I've also been able to acknowledge passers by and say hello to them. Neither of these things I was able to do well before, at least not without keeping my head down and dodging eye contact. Will definitely continue to use this file.



The hypnosis recording is going really, really well. I feel noticeably calmer in social interactions. I'm also wondering whether it might be making me a little calmer, overall, in addition to social interactions.... as though I'm comfortable with uncertainty in many parts of life, not just social encounters. Anyway, it's going great. Thank you again! The recording has three tracks of you speaking, and then music in between those tracks - I've started using the periods of music (as I get deeper and deeper into trance) to manifest - is that okay? It seems like it would be a very powerful place to manifest from.

- ( update from kimblery )



Wow, Talmadge. This recording is seriously incredible. I listened to it for the first time two nights ago, and immediately felt calmer - especially about interacting with other people. You were right - I felt it immediately. Then I listened to it again last night, and today I was markedly less anxious than I would normally be in two different stressful situations. I don't know if I've ever felt as calm as I did today interacting with people. I just listened to it again tonight. It's really brilliant - I never really understood that my social anxiety was fear of uncertainty (especially uncertainty about how others see me), but you're absolutely right. That's what it is. And your message to stop and be comfortable with uncertainty makes such a phenomenal difference. Thank you so much for this gift!

- Kimberly



I started to see the effects of the confidence mp3 within a week or so, my mindset changed on things, wouldnt get as embarrassed about things and my confidence in myself and around people grew. The manifesting mp3 is brilliant, i do it every night before i go to sleep. Its relaxing and easy to listen to. Thankyou for all your work, really helped me. :) -Casey



I got a chance to try this at work. Being a security guard can be stressful when you are dealing with groups of fighting or pissed off people. I'm unarmed, so I'm a tense when I'm dealing with situations like that. I was able to do my job, and to confront and control a whole crowd of totally pissed of people with a minimal amount of nervounes. I will definitely be listening to this some more.

- Zale





Art of the Telepathic Orgasm HypnosisArt of the Telepathic O ( sold seperate and included in hypnosis class ) Click here to buy Art of the Telepathic O


Talmadge I just had my first confirmed experiences of Telepathy/Mesmerism. In the Telepathy class you talk about how there is a bond between the hypnotist and the subject after a few sessions. So I decided to put it to the test with this girl I have been dating for about 4 months now. I have not formaly hypnotised her but I have used Ericsonian, NLP patterns and ancors on her to increase her state and make her have the most intense orgasm. So far she can orgasm on command during the sexual act via an ancor I have intalled. Sunday night I we were together I intensified the orgams by giving her simple instructions at the same time I was tiggering the ancor. I just said, "Doble as hard", Doble as deep". I noticed that after the act her eyes were watery I asked why and she said that she came so hard that her eyes got like that. I think she reached a Theta state. So I counted that as being hypnotised and I decided to try a telepathic experiment. I have ancored my self while listening to your MP3s. (with the hope to achive Alpha or Theta faster as I trgger the anchor) So earlier today I did just that as I trigger my altered conciousness anchors I visualized her feeling intense love for me to the point she had to call me. About 30 minutes later she called me. The interesting part is that the first thing she said was, "I sorry for calling you at this time, I know you must be busy working, I was gonna text you but I had to call you, I have so much I want to tell you, I cannot put it on text" Weird enought she never calls me before 10:00pm. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm stating to see the potential. Thank you for teaching this. I hope you receive it back multiplied over and over.



Increase breast size with HypnosisIncrease Bust Size With Hypnosis


I should also add that my GF has listened to the Breast Growth hypnosis file perhaps 5 times in the past three weeks. There is a visible change going on, as hard as it is to believe. However, the hard evidence is that she's had to go out and buy a new set of bras. The straps on her current ones are just digging in too much! And feel free to put that on your website. Much respect, and I look forward to keeping in touch on further progr p.s. now that I've seen the breast growth for myself, I'm reading to put down an advance payment on the Penis Enlargement tape for when it comes out,

hahaha! - Chris





Art of the Mind Doll Hypnosis EroticaThe Art of the Mind Doll Online Instruction Course Click here to buy The Art of the Mind Doll Online Instruction course



Hi Talmadge my apologies if this update is a little overdue, but I have been kind of out of the loop as of late am now just getting back into the groove if you will. First off I want to say that your instructions made me change the way I used to meditate and visualize in the past. Your emphasis that the subconscious will create what it needs to create took a little more getting used to because I am so used to consciously creating via imagination and visualization due to my present occupation I normally motor rehearse the scenario to better prepare myself for any possible outcomes. Now there is nothing wrong with this because athletes and actors use this type of visualization all the time, but your courses specify that we don’t have too. We just need to learn to relax and let the subconscious just take over. This took some time for me to get used too but when I started to let go and have fun with your program then the little things started to happen, albeit nothing extraordinary so far but I know that I am closer than I think. I also want to say that these sessions have been done on my own time maybe not as consistent as I need to be but the effort is apparent. At this point I am really learning and having a great time with the journey as all students of your course should be doing as well. I think the real key in success is patience and training / conditioning. ( This is a VERY LONG testimonial, click here to read the rest!! )


I believe was within the first couple of weeks of receiving my customs and on that day I had a couple of experience with mind dolls but the remarkable clarity on that day was astounding. anyways since then Ive encountered plenty of enjoyable sessions with my mind doll and most recently yesterday in which I was most definately with a Lisa Ann look alike mind doll but sometimes .mind dolls appear to me to not looking like Lisa Ann but still incredibly sexy. some times I encounter some sexy mind dolls while listening to bluesnowflake mp3s , sometimes there girls I know , some time there girls I dont know , and some times I'm having a threesome with two unknown but sexy mind dolls that explain to me there mind dolls. but overall I feel like the message is clear over the past month and a half my subconscious has been working with me at accelerated pace I never experienced before to bring one erotic virtual dream world experience after another. anyways overall good stuff I look forward to hearing back from you

- Jesse G



Talmadge, Where to start? Wow. That's a good place I think. As you know, I've owned the files for a few weeks now, and have generally been good about listening to the serum file fairly regularly, sometimes multiple times in a day (when possible). I don't know if there is a preferred method for this (is there?), so normally I just listen to it while doing house chores or playing games, etc., and frequently I'll loop it at night with the Stephanie file and the enhancement file. If there's a better technique, please let me know. Due to frequent travel, I have not been able to listen to the other two files as religiously as called for (at least once every 24 hours), but generally have hit about 4-5 out of every 7 days. I'm not sure I've made much progress there. Obviously it's difficult to tell with the enhancement file except that I am generally more "physically" aroused During the appropriate times of the hypnosis sessions - though this could be from other things too. Still really nothing as far as Stephanie goes. Will keep the routine up and see if this changes. Please let me know if you have any additional suggestions. So why the wow then? The mind doll files. Woah - that's some good stuff! I'd listened to the blue snowflake as part of the build up to these as well as with the 5 minute O... Still haven't had the full physical effect with that one but getting amazing tantric energy and body spasms from that, but I digress... So, the blue snowflake was effective on that I believe I can't move my body, feel euphoric, etc. very good. And, as we previously discussed, sometimes I have dropped too deep into theta during these sessions. I've been reminding myself to stay awake and that has generally helped. With all hypnosis files I still sometimes feel like I'm floating, sometimes heavy like I'm buried in sand, and sometimes the room still drunk spins- which I've actually just learned to enjoy the ride with and not be as startled when it happens. So, for the files, here are excerpts from my journal in order of listening experience over the last few days. 1. Slender Goddess, first listen... I could imagine the image and speak to her. The first experience was all visualization, some third person, but seemed slightly more "real" than the average imagination image. Even had a minor "encounter" with her, but not to completion. Departed the file with a goodbye and an understanding that I'd return. The description and name are still somewhat vague and seemed somewhat in flux- like my subconscious is experimenting with various ideas to see which one fits? Believe this will firm up with repeated experience. A fun first experience! 2. orgasmitron. Wow! Would even be fun as a stand alone file! Sort of seemed like a hybrid between the ultimate five minute Orgasm, blue snowflake, and some guided fantasy world... Which, I'm not even a sci-fi fan at all (I really think the humans should have crushed the little blue people and the traitor Soldier in that weird James Cameron film ;-) but back to the topic at hand) but that was a fun experience. I blacked out during the journey for part of it, felt euphoric, floating and spins during the induction as well. I went "too far" under until coming up about the time I was asked to get in the chair... At that point things got a bit exciting. This was a more-than-imagination experience, like with slender goddess, but was by no means "real" either yet. Nonetheless, I became highly aroused (especially mentally) during the count-up phase. However, my body wasn't as physically stimulated as to cum... While still mostly under (I think), I decided to help the progress along. At around 100 I had an explosive experience. During the five minute session that followed by body continued to spasm and quake in sexual after orgasm mini-orgams. Very awesome. This went on for a good three minutes of my abdomen shaking in ecstasy with my legs tight, and, I'm sure, an ear-to-ear smile. I basically came out of hypnosis on my own at that point with apx. 10 minutes still left in the file. Needless to say, I'll see that through in the near future. 3. Bushido code. Dude! Pardon my use of common vernacular and informality, but it seems fitting for what transpired. I planned on just a quick academic listen to the file to have a feel for what it was all about. And that happened, kinda... What actually happened was I skipped most of the induction so that I could get to the meat of the file just to see what it was all about, when, at the time you began describing the environment, I felt the need to close my eyes...and go deeper... and did. I found the description of the young woman to be enchanting. I notice that she's strangely white for being in feudal Japan, but I'm good with that. It is what I'm generally attracted to. Anyway , I began filling in some of the mental details, like my experiences described above, I wouldn't call it "clear" or "real", but more realistic than just a quick "picture this" scenario. Movement was choppy , like a poor recorded movie, but it was fun! A lot of this was like I was watching a movie in the third person. As stated above, nothing was "clear", but my mind did begin filling in the little details . I also noted, direct quote in my journal: "she would be an excellent MD, as would Carmen, or the Slender Goddess. Though, I note that my only experience with Carmen thus far has been with the free file. 4. Dereth. Like 3, above, I just wanted to do an academic listen before bed. I had the time, am alone for a bit (away from real life with wife, kids, dog), so why not? But, like with 3; didn't have time to do a full listen. First, let me say that this was an interesting approach and technique you used during the induction. It felt like a departure from your normal style (am I wrong?) with your use of "not paying attention" to the girl in red.., of course I'm going to pay attention to her if you tell me not to! Which, I'm sure, is the intended outcome. However, more details about this mysterious woman might be nice. I'm sure my mind just needs to fill those details in though, which, also, undoubtedly is the intent. I'm interested to see what those details may be from my subconscious when I return. 5. Neshwa. Again, a first "dry run" that became more. The detail you provided of the goddess here sounded nice. A lovely peaceful and happy world. Very tranquil. Then we came to the goddess herself. Wow. Like I said, my goal was to just do a quick familiarization. Oh my god. I need to spend more time in this world. The goddess is incredibly arousing. Especially considering that my subconscious was just beginning to fill in details when the file ended. For some reason, even when skipping induction, I find myself falling deep quickly and envisioning the scene presented to me. Awesome! This too should be a lot of fun in the future. 6. The crystal. This was my most recent experience and, again, first listen to this file. I believe this is one of the "key word" files I'm supposed to listen to in order for some of the above noted files to "fully work" and for my subconscious to start "making things real". So, instead of doing the dry run, I just dove in with both feet. I went deep, fast. I kind of blacked out during the silence for a bit during induction. I assume my trigger word is "blue snowflake" so I used it. My body was light but heavy (weird, huh?). At the beginning, it was almost as if I was asleep for part of it, but not fully... Just wandering thoughts in a dream-like state. Then I was transported to an awesome world. I arrived on a different planet with a looming volcano to the distant north that illuminated the northern sky in a bright yellow-ish red. It was a tropical rain forest and I, apparently, am an explorer. Khaki shirt, I believe natural fibers and olive pants. At one point I checked my watch to see it was 12:30, which was the real time when I left the world. So, I picked up on a shallow river flowing generally south. I followed along its bank until I approached an obvious waterfall. I found a muddy foot trail that through a few switch backs led to the bottom of a large, rocky, waterfall. I stopped to feel the rocks, some smooth and heavy, others were a light and volcanic type. Most of this was first person. I couldn't actually "feel" them, but I could vividly imagine what they felt like. I couldn't smell the water in the air, or feel the heat of the air or it's humidity, but I could imagine vividly what it would feel like. Does that make sense? So, I decided to see if I could feel the cool water and see the fish gathered around the base of the waterfall. I had a nice swim that, again, I could imagine well. It was pretty nice! There were large dragon flies floating along the banks of the river as I moved further south. I wanted to find where the river met the ocean. Hell, I guess I'm an explorer, might as well explore, right? As I journeyed further south, the afternoon gradually began to give way to night. I was faintly aware of a "fairy" flying by observing me from above at one point. The fairy was more of the Disney variety than the Irish variety - thank god. She was maybe 3-4 inches tall? But she didn't stay long. I came to a fork in the path, one to the left had a crossing to the other side of the river while the straight path continued to follow the stream. I opted to follow the stream to the ocean as was my original intent. I came upon a small clearing near the beach where the stream met the ocean. I looked up to find the night sky had two large, beautiful moons present with a scattering of stars. The glow of the volcano to my distant back and the light of the stars and moon and the setting sun kept the area plenty visible. At one point I even witnessed two native people in the distance on the ocean paddling out in an outrigger. Amazing. At that moment, my imagination asked: "where is the beach? it's obviously close, I see the canoe in the distance, and I wonder what will happen if I see a woman here?" up to that point, I had made a conscious (somewhat anyway) effort to avoid wildlife, people, etc; as I was just trying to get a feel for the environment and see how "real" my mind could make things. After all, this was my first voyage to this land, and not all details were filling in yet. Well, my subconscious had other plans at that moment. Everything faded away and I saw the most beautiful woman. There initially was no communication. Just her image. She had flowing mid-back length red hair. Shiny and lustrous. She was probably 5'6? Not short for certain, but not too tall either. She had a slender athletic body. A flat stomach with slightly defined abs, though clearly not frail. She had a thin waist with full hips and a shapely, curvy ass. Her legs were long, muscular, and defined, in proportion to her figure. She was wearing an ankle bracelet (with one that matched on her wrist). Her feet were small and cute with naturally pedicured nails. Her pubic area was trimmed and matched her hair in color. Her arms, like her legs were defined but slender and long. Her shoulders didn't slouch, but also weren't intimidatingly physical. Just healthy and sexy. She had long fingers on dainty hands with sexy French manicured fingernails. Her neck, like her arms and legs was in proportion, but long and attractive. Her lips were full and deep red. She had, I believe, blue eyes. Her skin was fair without being pale. In sum, she was gorgeous and stunning. I didn't speak to her other than to say I would come back and see her again. She gave a slight smile and knowing nod. She said nothing. The whole vision of her took, I estimate, maybe a minute or two before it was time to leave the world. The black gave way back to the colorful world and I quickly sprinted back to the crystal and was brought out of the trance. As stated above, this was an intensely imaginative experience mostly in the first person (parts that were vague were in the third person). I couldn't actually use my senses, but was acutely imaginative of what things would feel like, weigh, smell, etc. But wow... Is this my mind doll? Who was this beautiful woman? I'd like to know more! Quite the experience, I'd say! Those mind doll files are AWESOME! If I get to know the, all , it would be a virtual mind doll harem, which I think I'm OK with (as long as they are and this doesn't have any unwanted side effects). Have other people had this experience? What are your thoughts and recommendations going forward? And any further words of encouragement? As always, feedback is desired and welcomed! Feel free to use any of the above as testimonial feedback and/or as further training material. All I ask is that I remain anonymous.

Thank you! Chris



 Take Action

Take Action Take Control Of your Life

With this subliminal, there have been two main changes that I've noticed: 1)I feel more of an urge to make things happen in my life and 2) I'm realizing that a lot of things aren't as big of a deal as I thought. I felt like I was waking up about 20 minutes into the first listen, and that effect has grown over time. I feel less and less like I'm living in a daze, making me more able to design my life and actively move towards my goals. As I move towards my goals and clear out the little things I have to do along the way, I realize that many things only seem like big projects because I put them off and spent months Thinking about them. As I remove blocks, I find that I can "feel" outcomes before I achieve them. My general attitude about my life has changed. I have a farther reaching idea of where I want to go and there's a kind of peace in being able to settle into that. I have a feeling that some of this will be further enhanced by the Inner Genius subliminal.  

  -  Joseph



Quantum Healing Testimonials Quantum Healing Course

Hi Tal, I just wanted to keep you informed that I recently was able to heal my second case of eczema. Thanks for all your help!   

- Tu 


Psychic Awakening



h/o bout to get off the floor in a bit ok...whew i guess i'll start from the beginning. Hiram Abraham: started with the relaxation, so on and so on. noticing my conscious mind was doing the whole "hype kid" thing i was talking about yesterday from time to time, but i did hear a large amount of the mp3 en toto, more than i ever have to date. things started to take a major shift after the relaxation of infancy was done...

as the count was initialized and progressing along i had a series of dreams and OBEs - unfortunately I can only recall them in kinda half-assed detail thing was, however, was that there was MAJOR time dilation going on. I was in one of the dreams for at LEAST an hour, wake up to find only one count had passed. then Enoch was in one of them - for some reason i think i was trying to eat or something but he said something along the lines of me needing to finish the mp3 i started, and then he laid down nearby to listen to something himself -

i don't recall whether or not it was music or an mp3' came back to, and my projection body started floating to separate for a journey - this one was actually particular because there weren't many vibrations, but it was REALLY tangible. I really had a hard time determining whether or not it was my physical body floating, i just sort of figured because something about it still did FEEL like it was that body completed the separation, engaging of astral senses was immediate (also of note as, aside from tactile, they usually take at least 5-10 seconds to activate), and i started out in a dark, nighttime room, and then i was just whooshed at increasing speeds through house after house - some of their layouts were familiar so i wonder if it (the HS) was taking me through memory lane in some odd way, not sure though. again, out for about 20+ minutes, at this point i'm sure i've just cleared the rest of the mp3, clean jumped over the rest of it nope. i think maybe 3 counts had passed. could've been one again.

THEN... some other altered state, not sure if projection or dream i was on the couch and out of nowhere this huge surge of just happy awesome bliss buzz joy glee... i don't know what the fuck it was but it was damn amazing and it only got more intense over time all i can remember thinking was "YOOOOOOOOO THIS SOME HIGHER SELF SHIT RIGHT HERE BWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

those were literally my thoughts at the time. XD that was the best i could do XD I mean I got my ass BEAT, but in a totally awesome positive way OH, and then after the supwer awesome wow shit subsided (the residual of which i'm still sort of feeling, btw) maaaaaaaaaaaaan i don't know if you know (you probably do) how just speechless i am, i can't describe it that flurry of random good words

- Hiram



Wow, i didn't expect something as simple as "See what happens attitude." or "Just relax, talk to yourself and let yourself know that it's okay to have fun." to REALLY make such a big, noticeable, and lighting fast change in no time. I when i first read you message i didn't believe that i had any fear and anxiety about going into hypnosis since i've done it before so many times. I was totally wrong.

Somewhere sub-consciously i think I've always had fear and anxiety based thought's like "Am i deep enough?" "I can't stop thinking about random things! i hope that doesn't ruin this for me..."  "Is it working right now?" "I should try to force it to work." I was driving myself crazy needless to say. This time though, i took you advice to heart and i just kept saying "It's alright dude." "Just relax" "Have fun with it and see what happens". All of a sudden i just felt good throughout the whole thing. I don't normally talk to myself in hypnosis because i always try to pay attention to what the hypnotist is saying, but when i started just saying good things to myself it was like my sub-conscious could the audio and would respond accordingly without me consciously paying attention.

The best was when i reached my higher-self how i could actually feel it this time. I felt my third-eye vibrate and pulse like crazy when i connected with my higher-self and it was amazing! I don't know how i'm going to manifest my psychic abilities but i'm going to keep listen to this just like you told me and just see what happens for the next two week. Thank you very much once again.  

- Richard 



Wow! It's been a while. True ecstatic spirituality, and I've done some pretty far out things. This was right up there, though brief, but then again incredibly accessible and comfortable. I realised that something really out there was going on during the final, subconscious-higher self countdown. I actually felt a blast of glowing energy in my groin, then quite quickly afterward it went right up my spine and into my head and stayed like a chord connecting the two. It's especially neat in that I've just recently started to read and experiment with qi gong: moviing sexual energy through the body via the direction of the breath, and from what I've read you are meant to seek to create a circuit of energy flowing up from your groin into your head and back down the front of your body. I couldn't get that far;I just felt it running up my back (this time). That sensation faded but I got another blast right away you started the five minutes of silence at the end of the tape. My entire body was tingling with energy, not in a sexual sense, but more like an electric buzzing sort of feeling, or halfway to electric, you could say. Beautiful sense of understanding without words. Laughter and strong presense. Thankyou! Quite a first run! I'll keep you updated.

Peace, Christian