Talmadge Harper - Certified Ultra Depth Practitioner and Quantum Healer

How Does the Healing Session Work?

I will contact you to arrange for a time that we can do the healing session on Skype. Before the session you will get an ultra depth mp3 that you will listen to before the session. This mp3 will make it easier so that during out session you will be able to enter a more helpful state of hypnosis allowing for the quantum healing to occur. During the session itself you will be guided into contact with your super conscious mind, a part of yourself that can create the healing and help you release the causes.


How Long before I see a healing?

Healing usually occurs to anywhere from instantly up to a week for it to manifest


What kind of Guarantees do I get?

Nothing is guaranteed and it would be irresponsible for me to say so. However I usually see a 90% response rate to the healings. Its important for you to understand that I am not actually healing you. I am facilitating a connectiong between you and your superconscious mind. Your superconscious mind is what does the healings. The client videos you see talking about their healings, it was their own mind creating the healing. My job is just to arrange the meeting between you and your superconcious, its up to you to allow it to happen or accept the healing.


Do I need to believe in this for it to work?

No you don't need to believe in it, however you do NEED to make the choice that you want to be healed and to be open to the healing.


How long does the session take?

The sessions take about 1.5 hours  or less. Usually they are less than an hour


How much does it cost?

The cost for the session is $297


Do I get a refund if it doesn't work?

It always works, its just whether or not you allow the healing to take place. There are no refunds, what you are paying me for is my time, energy and service to arrange the meeting between you and your superconscious mind. Once the meeting has been made its up to you whether or not you accept the healing from yourself or not.


Can I stop seeing my doctor?

I encourage you to keep seeing your doctor. We cannot legally say this is form of medical treatment, its merely an option for you to explore. This is not a substitute for seeing your doctor or getting medical treatment.


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